Eagle Rock Morning Run

I had a short stay in Eagle Rock, CA.  My wife and I enjoyed a nice run on Friday morning.  It was very hilly, though.

It is almost Halloween.

A yard of a house with cacti.

A view of the residential area from a hill.

The big rock that gave the area the name.  You can see the shape of the bird.

A sign in the trail by the rock.

Eucalyptus trees are abundant.

Eagle Rock Recreational Park.

A sign of the city.

A local grocery store.

Palm trees - very California.

Another yard with cacti.

Jack O' Lanterns.


A Nice Run in Kochi City

I spent a night in Kochi on Tuesday.  On Wednesday morning, I could enjoy a nice run in this old city.

Palm trees along Kagami River.

Three greats that contributed in making "New Japan" about 150 years ago - l to r: Takechi Hanpeita, Sakamoto Ryoma, and Nakaoka Shintaro.

One of the few remaining old samurai houses.

A little river that used to be used for home-use water.

The election poster - October 22.

 Many houses are up on the hill.

 Back at Kagami River.

Animals gather by the river.

Beautiful cosmos.

Back towards the center of the city - small river.

Most of the city is at very low altitude.

 The entrance to the top part of Kochi castle - it was closed before 9:00 am.

The Tenshu of the castle.

Itagaki Taisuke - a Meiji Period poiltician.

The statue of the famous wife of Yamanouchi KazutoyoShe is as famous as the samurai that became the lord of this region - Tosa.

This lovely city really has many famous Japanese historical figures!


A Rainy Morning Run to Mitaka Station

This was the 11th day in a row of rain in Tokyo.  The temperature has been unusually low for this time of the year.

This morning, I ran in a cold misty rain to Mitaka Station and back.

A puddle prevented me from going too fast on trail by Tamagawa Josui.

Commuters wait for the bus by Kichijoji-dori.

A walkway by Ghibli Museum.

Commuters walking towards Mitaka Station.

Sobu Line train at Mitaka Station.

Benches by Inokashira Pond.

Nanai Bridge of the pond was full of umbrellas.


A Run Down South - Veggie Fields

I had a good run this morning towards south.  I went down south of Chuo Expressway all the way to Koshu Kaido and back through Jindaiji area.  It is now getting pretty cold here and I got a rained on a bit.

A Vegetables Bending Machine.




Koshu Kaido - one of the major roads going west.

Green onions.

Soba (buckwheat).

Jinjadaio-Do - an important building of Jindaiji Temple.

This area is famous for soba noodles.

One of many soba restaurants.

A fun green hill.

The top of the hill.

Kaki (persimmon) is very common at this time of the year.