Photos from My Beautiful Weekend Runs

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, I had beautiful runs in our neighborhood.

A big yellow leaves of gingko tree in Zenpukuji Park.

A fun monument at Igusamori Park.

A beautiful little pond of the park.

A vegetable field.

A robot statue by Kami-Igusa Station.

A robot picture on the shutter of a ramen restaurant - it is wearing a local college rugby shirt.

Shodows on the wall of Kami-Igusa Sports Center.

 Down slope to Inokashira Park.

A path of the park.

Little children playing rugby.

The entrance to a walk path by Chuo Park.

Gotenyama of Inokashira Park.

A pump was being installed at Benten Pond of Inokashira Park.

A singer by the pond.


Nice Runs Around Summit Golf Club in Bangkok

I could put in two nice morning runs around Summit Windmill Golf Club and surrounding residential areas in Bangkok last week.

The entrance of the golf club.

The club house seen from a rim road.

A local shrine.

Palm trees.


A walk way along a creek in the golf club.

A tree with pretty yellow flowers.

A gated community.

This was the most funky building.

Tulip ornaments on a side walk.

This house was for sale.

Still many houses were under construction.

It was not as hot as I feared in the mornings.


Mostly Inokashira Park and Mitaka Station

Yesterday morning, I had a great run in the morning in my neighborhood.  This may be the last time this season I may have such beautiful autumn colors.  So here are the photos:

Mitaka Station bus rotary on the north side.

The train platform seen from the south side.

A street close from the station.

Back by Inokashira Park - a beautiful red leaves of Japanese maple.

A scene by the western edge of the pond.

A clock shows the time.

The pond with the bridge, swan boats and Metasequoia trees.

Looking towards the steps to the station from Nanai Bridge.

The well pump is still stopped, but the natural spring water is still coming out from the back of the square well.

The area by the zoo.

Gotenyama area of the park.

A trail by Kichijoji-dori street.

The trail by the baseball field.

A crow was having breakfast.

People doing morning exercises by Nishi-En.

A new house construction by the park.

More beautiful leaves of Gotenyama.

Inokashira Benzaiten (Benten) and pond.

Ducks in the pond.

Benten-Bashi Bridge by the Shrine.

A field not the south side of Inokashira Pond.

A photographer was out early.

The pond - so beautiful.

Kanda River by Sankaku Hiroba.

A student hurries to get to Inokashirakoen Station.

A dog walker at Minami-cho 1 chome.