A Nice Morning Run to Zenpukuji Park

This morning, it was not raining, so I could enjoy a relaxed run to Zenpukuji Park.

The Women's University right by the Park is now 100 years old.

There'll be an election this weekend - for Suginami Ward "Mayor" and a Parliament member position.

Pretty Koi in the pond of the park.

Lotus on the pond.

People were waiting for the bus.

The trail by the pond.

 Birds resting on fallen trees and poles.

Pretty flowers.

Close-up of pretty hydrangea flowers.

A nice walk way by the other local university.

A little park by Kinokuniya supermarket.


A Run Back from Oizumi Junction

I was driven to Gaikan Oizumi Junction this morning.  I enjoyed running back home from there.

This is the entrance to the Gaikan Oizumi Interchange.

A new bridge connecting the expressway is being built by a. tennis courts.

Figurines in a store.

A family with umbrellas walking.

A statue of Nichiren at Myofukuji Temple.

Flowers of Southern Magnolia.

Shirako River - much of it is now underground.

Old houses.

A local play theater.

A little local park.

Musashiseki Shotengai entrance gate.

Loquat fruits.

The pond of Musashiseki Park.

Children at play at an elementary school.


Morning Walk in Marugame Area

Last Saturday, I took a nice walk around my hotel in Marugame.  It was cool and relaxing.

The Port of Fujimi Gyokyo (Fishing Association) - it is a cute little port.

A boat coming back to the port.

Boats in the port - the building on the left is my hotel.  The fenced area in the back is Marugame Boat Race.

Pretty flowers.

It was a foggy morning - cranes of a shipyard.

A fishing boat and an island.


Kanda River Roadside Flowers

I had a nice run in our neighborhood for a change!  Beautiful morning and I enjoyed looking at pretty flowers along the way.

Keio Inokashira Line train crossing east of Mitakadai Station.

A little park close from Takaido Station.

Yellow lilies.

 Guess these are called Salvia "Hot Lips".

Nice big red roses.

"Suppon" - Soft-shelled turtles - there are actually 4 of them in this photo.

"Tsutsuji" - Azalea.

"Dokudami" - Houttuynia.

Pretty flowers I could not find their names.

Below are yards of some people that live along the river.

A beautiful hydrangea bush by Sankaku Park by Inokashirakoen Station.