Sunny Day Run from Komaba-Todaimae Station

On Saturday, my wife and I took a train to Komaba-Todaimae Station and ran back home tracing parks along the way.

 Local flowers at Komabano Park.

The beautiful Japanese garden at Komaba Park, a former residence of Maeda family.

Shimokitazawa Station - a lot of construction going on around the area.

 A hand-made looking building of a children's play area of Hanegi Park.

Hanegi Park had a beautiful plum (Ume) blossom.

A Koshin statue on a side of a road protected by a concrete hut.

Children at play at Akamatsu Park.

Tsukayama Park - Jomon people lived there 3,500 - 4,500 years ago..

Inside the Jomon dwelling.


Weekend Local Runs

We had a Three-Day weekend for Sunday was National Foundation Day holiday.  I could go for nice runs on Saturday and Sunday.

Volunteers catching fish in the low water of Inokashira Pond.

Dried pond tour.

Kajino Park by Higashi Koganei Station.

Still some snow left as of Saturday.

Ichikishima Jinja Shrine - south of Koganei Park.

The area opened to public by a local Christian monastery.

There was an event to promote 2020 Tokyo Olympics at Nishi En.

Benten Pond was getting fixed.

The boat ride entrance was blocked - because there is no water in the pond.


A Run Around Los Angeles

On Tuesday morning, I had a nice run in Los Angeles.  It was very warm and beautiful.  From my hotel in downtown, I went up a bit north first.

An entrance to Dodger Stadium.

I came back down to North Broadway and ran east.

A Chinese temple.

I came across a bridge that spans over Los Angeles River.

It was originally Buena Vista Viaduct, now called North Broadway Bridge.

The view towards LA downtown from the bridge.

A METRO train leaves Chinatown Station.

Union Station bus depot.

The long corridor of the Union Station.

Waiting area of the Union Station.

The old Union Station building.

A sign shows the directions of LA's sister cities.

An interesting painting.

Los Angeles has a Cable Car system - very short distance, though.


More Icy Run

On Sunday I could go for a run.  It has been cold, so snow was still around and parts have turned ice.

A square right outside of Kichijoji Station.

The old house by Nakamichi Street.

Nakamichi Street.

A park behind Kinokuniya grocery store.

A postman carefully rides his motorcycle.

A little snowman.

A train by Tanashi Station.

A recruit sign for the Self Defense Force.

A trail by Tamako Cycling Road.

Koganei Park.

Children playing with sleds.

A trail by Itsukaichi Kaido.

Inokashira Benzaiten.

Inokashira Pond.

A path in Inokashira Park.