Hokoku Shrine, etc.

Last Friday morning, I ran to Hokoku Shrine which is right by Osaka Castle.

The main entrance to Hokoku Shrine.

A statue of Toyotomi Hideyoshi who is enshrined there.

At Osaka Castle ground, many people were exercising.

Across the moat on the south side is a field where Naniwanomiya used to be.

Pillars for the elevated expressway (Hanshin).

A Lichtenstein on a wall of a building.

The Fab Four is still popular in Japan.


A Nice Run in Yilan

Yesterday morning, I could go for a nice run in the city of Yilan, Taiwan.  It was quite an artistic city.

An artistic statues.

A wall with art.

A statue of a fireman.

A Buddhist temple.

The entrance gate to Zhongshan Park.

A statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, the founder of the Republic of China.

A man rests in the park.

A fallen palm tree due to the recent typhoon.

The former residence of the Japanese Magistrate of Yilan.

White birds in the soccer field.

Beautiful scenery.

Commuter traffic in a city intersection.

The view from my hotel room.


San Diego Creek to Newport Bay Nature Preserve

Last Thursday, I had a morning run between San Diego Creek in Irvine, CA and Newport Bay Nature Preserve.

The trail along San Diego Creek in Irvine towards Upper Newport Bay.

Birds on power lines.

The View of San Diego River from a Vista Point on the south side.

A monument at the Vista Point showing birds.

Looking towards the west.

A sign for a cleanup day.

A playground at a park on the north side of the Bayview Trail.

 Looking towards the south towards Newport Beach.


Mountain View - Shoreline Park Run

I had a beautiful run in the morning of Tuesday in Mountain View.  The most of it was in and around Shoreline Park by southern part of San Francisco Bay.

A nice park by my hotel.

A new development by Shoreline Amphitheatre.

There are many internet business companies.

A big new building was under construction.

An interesting small car was parked at the edge of an parking lot.

A colorful bike by the entrance to Shoreline Park.

Shoreline Lake - beautiful.

A marshland in the park.

A nice bike trail.


Birds at Shoreline Slough.

Some bridges spanned creeks.

A pedestrian bridge by an elevated expressway.

My run route of that morning.