Hakata Station - Naka Chuo Park

I had a nice run in Fukuoka in the morning of the day before yesterday.
I ran from hotel by Hakata Station down south along Kagoshima Main Line.

Hakata Station (Chikushi Exit)

The elevated track of Shinkansen.

A local commuter train arrives at Takeshita Station.

A cargo train.

A local Shinto Shrine by Takeshita Station.

A statue of an ox at the shrine.

The entrance to Naka Chuo Park.

Sunrise over Naka Chuo Park.


Oji Station - Asukayama

It has been so hot in Tokyo. Last Friday, I took a walk by Oji Station and around Asukayama Park at lunch time.

Oji Station.

Bus and Taxi stops in front of the station.

A shopping center with a bowling alley.

Station Platform.

Steps to go up to Asukayama Park.

Children were playing in a fountain.

A cat was trying to be cool.

A poster supporting our National Soccer Teams.


Kurehayama Run

I was back in Toyama over the three-day weekend.  This morning, I could go for a run - started at 7:30 and it was already very hot!

I ran towards Kurehayama which is a hill on the west side of the city about 3 km from the station.

A local Shinto shrine.

Toyama Ohashi Bridge over Jinzu River.

A cyclist on Toyama Ohashi.

A view from the bridge downstream.

A monument for Manyoshu Poems by the old peak of Kurehayama.

A monument for Bato Kannon.

A view from the hill towards the west.

A manhole that depicts the old boat bridge that used to cross Jinzu River.

A Japanese pear orchard.

The mountain road.

TV and radio antennas at the peak.

Looking at Toyama (to the east) from an observatory.  The faraway mountains are Tateyama.

The view from my hotel window.


Asakusa Stroll

Last Friday - early in the evening, I had a nice walk in Asakusa.  This is a very popular tourist spot in Tokyo, but I found it was unusually crowded.

Side streets were not as bad.  Dressed up ladies were going towards the temple.

Entrance to Nishi-sando (Western Approach to the Temple).

Inside the Nishi-sando shopping area - stores were closed already at 6:20 pm.

Little walkway towards the main temple building.

Looking towards the main gate from the side of the main temple building.

I learned that it was very crowded because of  Hozuki Ichi.

Many people were lined up to pray at Sensoji.

Looking at the Five-storey Pagoda from the east side of the temple.

A sign welcoming tourists to Taito Ward.

Looking at Tokyo Skytree from a little park by Azuma Bashi Bridge.

I had a very nice stroll.


Prachinburi Morning Run

I spent a night in Prachinburi Thursday.  In the morning of Friday, I could go for a quick run around my hotel.

The main road has many stores on both sides.

A bridge demolition/reconstruction was ongoing.

People eating breakfast on their motor bikes in front of a convenience store.

Cosmetics and furniture stores.

An electronic appliances store.

A hardware store.

A billboard with Thai King's photo.  He is very well respected in Thailand.

A Japanese restaurant that has the name of a very popular TV show.

A massage places are everywhere.

The Expo 2015 must be a fun event!

A typical of a residential area.

Palm trees.

A playground of the residential area.

A big new residential development.

A little spirit house in a field near the new housing development.

Here are ones for the new residential housing development.

A lady selling fruits - she's got rambutan.

With industrial development of the area, people's life style must be rapidly changing.