A Very Nice Run in Zentsuji

I had an enjoyable run in Zentsuji, Kagawa Prefecture yesterday morning.  This was the first time for me to stay there.

The city is the birthplace of Kukai, the founder of Shingon Buddhism.

The entrance gate to the street leading to Zentsuji Temple that is the reason for the name of the city.

The main gate of the temple - it says "the birthplace of Kukai".

The main building of the temple.

View of the Five Story Pagoda.

A statue of Kukai.

The gate to Kongo-ji.

The map of Koshikisan mountain - right by the temple.

The entrance to the trail of Koshikisan - the total distance is 1,080 meters.

At the entrance was a nice warning sign to watch out for wild boars.  It says "If you encounter them - do not excite them or get too close, quietly move away, and, do not feed them."

The lower part of the trail was semi paved.

Towards the top was not so.

The top - altitude 157 meters.

The view from the top was beautiful.

A nice road toward the temple.

Came back again and looking at the temple from a different gate.

An old shopping street - I remember seeing this scene in a Japanese comedy movie - Magare! Spoon.

Funny pictures of a veterinarian hospital.

I look forward to returning there again to explore more.


Back in Ulaanbaatar

I had a pleasure of going back to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia last week.  This time, I did not have much time to explore much, but could put in a run in a morning.  Weather was coo - the altitude of the city is about 1,300 meters.

 A statue of Marco Polo - the famous European that served the Great Khan.

The National Theatre right by my hotel.

Some sort of a monument at a big park south east of the city.

Half-Man Half-Wolf Sculpture at the same park.

Many people were exercising at the park.

There were not many trees there - these must have been recently planted.

A picture of the national hero on a hill.

Newly developed residential buildings.

Many more are being developed.

One of the very few steel structures buildings under construction.

A close up of the steel structure building.

 A football stadium - they are affiliated with the Asian Football Confederation.

The World Cup 2014 will start next month.


A Pleasant Afternoon in Kichijoji

We had a beautiful day in Kichijoji, today.  Summer is getting closer.

Inokashira side (south) entrance to Kichijoji Station.

A corridor between north and south sides of the station.

Looking at the station from north-west side.

The new Kirarina - the new shopping complex above the station - is now finished (looking at it from the north side).

Anti-government demonstrators walk by Kichijoji Station.

The former site of Zenshinza Theatre Company is now a parking lot.

A road by Kanda River to the park by Inokashira Koen Station.

The stuffed bear lies in front of a restaurant.

Yakitori restaurant, Iseya by the park, has customers lined up for dinner.


Recent Local Run Photos

I am having a peaceful weekend - this is the last part of Golden Week. Here I am posting scenes from my runs recently (all in late April).

Azalea bush.

A heron flies along Sengawa River.

Bamboo shoots were coming out.

Koinobori - The Children's Day is May 5.

Small ones made by local children.