Inokashira Park and Kichijoji Walks

I walked through Inokashira Park and Kichijoji today - at different times.

The park walk was early this morning.

Nish-En (West Park) Track is under construction.

The elevated pedestrian walk to the zoo.

The Moon.

The pond seen from the north side.

The area that is usually filled with people on weekends was still empty.

A street by Kichijoji Station this evening.

A small alley in the shopping area features small restaurants and bars.

Kichijoji Station seen from north west side.

The entrance of SUNROAD shopping street.

Looking at the bus depot by the station on the north side.

The movie theater.

Looking towards the station from Suehiro Dori street.

The weather in Kichijoji area is getting pretty cold now.


A Long Run to Ome.

Yesterday, I had a run to Ome Station - the longest distance of this year - 40 km!

Almost half way - right by Tachikawa Station - many constructions are going on.

Beyond Tachikawa, I kept running along Chuo Line train tracks.

Leaves are changing colors - very beautiful.

A ring-shaped pedestrian deck in front of Kabe Station.

A shrine close from my final destination.

An interesting band was playing.

A building dedicated to works of a Manga Great - Fujio Akatsuka.

Yatai food stands by a shrine.

Character masks were on sale.

Colorful chocolate-covered Bananas on sticks!

Finally, here it is - Ome Station.

Old movie posters were on display inside the station.


Hanoi View Runs

Yesterday and today, I had nice runs in Hanoi, Vietnam.  Weather is fairly cool at this time of the year.

The rail goes through the city like this.

A big market by Long Bien Bridge.

I ran the whole of the span and back of the historical bridge.

Long Bien Bridge - seen from the west side - very rusted.  The motor traffic is  completely opposite direction from usual - left side.  

Looking north from the middle of the bridge of Red River.

Entrance of the bridge from the opposite (east) side - towards the city.

Back on almost at the end of the west side.

A Chinese temple in the city - can see Chinese characters.  Vietnamese used to use these, but during the French rule, it was abolished.

A poster depicting the 60th anniversary of getting rid of the French Rule.

Hoan Kiem Lake very early this morning - it was too dark to see anything.

An entrance to a department store by the lake.

Aerobics exercisers by Bay Mau Lake - close from my hotel.

A view of Bay Mau Lake.

There were many people walking and doing aerobics.

Ho Chi Minh and Ton Duc Thang - two big historical figures of Vietnam.

The circus is very popular with children.


A Beautiful Run in Taipei

I had a beautiful run in Taipei this morning.  Because my hotel was close from Songshan Airport, decided to run around it.

Here's the entrance to the airport.

A beautiful sunrise over the runway.

A running race was being prepared Dajia Riverside Park.

Here are some runners in costumes.

A beautiful bridge spans Keelung River flows by the park.

There were some rowing practices on the river.

Walkers go by graffitis on the embankment.

I ran on this trail along the river.  The tall building is Taipei 101.

Elderly ladies were sitting and talking under big banyan trees.

There were many bike only lanes in the city - impressive.

The weather was very nice early in the morning.  I hope to return to the beautiful city to enjoy more runs.