Autumn Colors 2010

Last weekend, I took a bike ride in western Tokyo. Autumn colors were beautiful.

Right by Inokashira Koen, Mitaka-shi.

Gingko trees in Seibi Koen, Suginami-ku.

A stream at the mouth of Kandagawa, Mitaka-shi.

A pond in Wadabori Koen Park, Suginami-ku.

A nice little park by Zempukuji River, Suginami-ku.

My shadow on fallen cherry leaves.

Beautifully colored leaves were found at Musashino Park, Koganei-shi.

Another picture of different trees in Musashino Park.
Susuki grass in Nogawa Park, Chofu-shi.


Boat ride to Lamma Island

When I visited Hong Kong last weekend, I had an opportunity to take a boat ride to Lamma Island.

Leaving Hong Kong from the Kowloon side.

Many boats were at a harbor on the way there.

Lamma Island port.

This is not an aquarium, but the fish to choose to be cooked at the Rainbow Restaurant.

People enjoying the nice food at the Rainbow Restaurant.


Tokyo Station construction update

I was at Tokyo Station on Thursday and again on Friday.

The b/w picture is what the original station looked like when it was finished in 1914. The below, the picture shows the station after the construction is finished by March 2012.

The current status of the station - all covered up.

The new Japan Post building is being built right next to Tokyo Station.

Commuters were coming out of the station.