Takaoka walk

I took a nice walk in Takaoka on the 28th of Dec.  The weather was great after a snow the night before.

This is Zuiryuji Temple, a national treasure.

Nio, one of the protectors at the gate of Zyiryuji.

A statue of Maeda Toshinaga, the lord of Takaoka that was enshrined at Zuiryuji.

JR Takaoka Station.  The temple was about 10 min. walk away.

A train is painted with a famous cartoon Ninja Hattori kun.


Taipei morning walk, etc.

I visited Taipei last week. Unfortunately, I could not run for I had a bit of a pain in my leg, but I could take a walk in Monday morning.

There were recreational facilities at Dadaocheng Wharf.

A small Buddhist temple close from my hotel.

Presidential Election will be held next month. There were many campaign posters throughout the city.

These are robot figures by Taipei Railway Station.

This is the Christmas tree at the hotel I stayed.


Tokyo recent

December in Tokyo is usually cold.  The coldest we've experienced so far was 2 deg. Celsius and warmest was 16 in the city areas of Tokyo this year.  We expect it to get even colder from now.

This is Asukayama seen from my office earlier this month.

A picture from Chinzanso Garden.

Tokyo Station renovation is coming along well.

Tokyo Skytree structure is complete since earlier this year and it now stands at 634 m.  The planned grand open is next May.


Dongguan Run

Dongguan is a city where I visited earlier this week.  Unlike cold Tokyo, the weather was beautiful - around 20 degrees Celsius.  The hotel I stayed was about 1.5 hours drive away from Hong Kong Airport.

This is the gate to Mission Hills.

The view of the club house of Mission Hills Golf Club.

This is a different lake outside of the gate.  It was Sunday afternoon and many people were enjoying the sun and fishing.

By the lake, there were beautiful pink flower.  I don't know what kind of trees these are, but they were just gorgeous.

A big billboard was advertising the resort condominiums.