A Morning Trail Run in Hong Kong

This morning, I managed to run in the trails of Hong Kong.  I started at my hotel in Wan Chai and went down south with a plan to get to Deep Water Bay.

Wan Chai Gap Road - very steep hill.

Getting pretty high up.

There are some very nice houses up there.

On the other side of the island.

The trail looked like this.

An alarming sign.

A guide post.

I could not make it down to the beach for I ran out of time.  I did not have a map and could not quite figure out the originally planned course.

Had a very nice view, though.  That must be Repulse Bay.
Came back to the city side on a commercial road - bad commuter traffic.

A big construction site seen from Bowen Road.

A street in Wan Chai district.

Next time I run in Hong Kong, I will make it to the beach on the other side!

Macau Island Run

This morning, I had a nice run in the island part of Macau.  From my hotel in Cotai, I ran up north towards Macau through Taipa.

Entrance to Galaxy Resort.

Looking towards Guandong - big building construction was going on.

The little trees are Kandelia obovata.

From the north tip of Taipa looking at Macau skyline.

A statue of Robert Plant? - no - it is Luis Vaz de Camoes.

A marsh by Taipa Houses-Museum.

An orchid market.

Very bright bushes.

Back in Cotai area.

Macau Light Rapid Transit under construction.

Construction workers arriving at the Cotai area development.

A main entrance to the construction site.

Right by my hotel.

My running route this morning.

Although it was early in the morning, it was warm and humid.


Where Kanda River Ends

On Wednesday, I was invited a restaurant right by where Kanda River ends - i.e., 24.6 km from where it starts at Inokashira Pond.  I got there a bit early, so I could walk around it a bit.

This is the end of the river - merged to the flow of Sumida River.

Yanagibashi (Willow Bridge) - the last bridge to span over Kanda River.

There were many Yakatabune boats.

Komatsuya, one of the boat operators.


Osaka - more cherry blossom

Last Tuesday, I had a nice quick run in Osaka to enjoy some more cherry blossoms.

Utsubo Park - already setting up for Hanami.

The same park - Rajio Taiso.

Hananoi Park.

A rooftop garden by Nakanoshima.

Nakanoshima Festival Tower West under construcition.

Shinmachikita Park right by my hotel.

I never have time to go sightseeing, but at least I could check out nice cherry blossom.


A Nice Run in Nasushiobara

I was back in Nasushiobara and had a very nice run in the country side yesterday morning.

The weather was cool and the area was very different from what I am used to - bit of rolling hills and full of nature!

Okame-zakura, beautiful pink flowers, a type of sakura.

Cute little ume trees.

I ran across rocky dried up river - Sabigawa.

A sign of a farm owned by a school.

A dirt road.

A view of a field.

There were many cute little things that were coming out now for spring time.

Canola flowers.

I wish I can have more chance running in country side.