Imizu-Kaiwomaru Marathon 2014

I participated in a brand new run - Imizu-Kaiowomaru Marathon 2014 in Toyama.  It was actually a half-marathon.

The run started right next to the beautiful ship.

Shinminato Ohashi Bridge seen from the starting line.

Going up on the bridge.

From the bridge looking at Kaiwomaru.

Getting close to the western tower.

At the middle of the span of the bridge.

Looking back at the eastern tower.

Solar panels by the bridge.

 When I came back, the award ceremony at was already going on at Kaiwomaru Park.

The route of the entire run.

It was a very sunny day - got a bit too hot for my comfort, but enjoyed the run very much.

Next year, there will be a full marathon race to celebrate the opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen in November.


Festivities in Inokashira Park

There were many booths of food and crafts at Inokashira Park today.

We learned that the event was held by an organization called MISHOP.

US Booth - had Jambalaya and Tacos.

Egypt Booth.

Palestine Booth.

Jordan Booth.

Thailand Booth - a long line for spicy food.

African drums for kids to try.

FC Tokyo Booth - at the new baseball field.

An African man was being interviewed by a local TV station.

Musicians were great, too.


Osaka Castle Excavation Project

I had a nice run to Osaka Castle from my hotel this morning.  As I usually do when I go there, I ran around the moat,

then up to Tenshu, the main tower.

 A close-up of Tenshu.

Very close-up

There, I found that excavation to uncover the old castle was underway.

The original Osaka Castle was built by Toyotomi Hideyoshi who united the country to end Sengoku Period.  However, after he died, Tokugawa Ieyasu took over the ruling of the country and became Shogun.  He then destroyed Toyotomi clan and the castle.

A picture depicting Tokugawa force surrounding the castle at Seige of Osaka.

I have read in the past that the Tokugawa - the new ruler - made sure the old was completely destroyed.  The ruined castle was covered with dirt and built a new and bigger castle on top of it.  So, the one we visit today was of Tokugawa Era.

Osaka Castle of Tokugawa Era - it was burned in 1945 by air raids.

The castle of Toyotomi Era.

Now, the City of Osaka is uncovering the castle ground to find what it used to be.

The poster shows of the excavation plans - the first phase is from 8 July to 10 October.

The picture shows Tokugawa Tower on the left in comparison with Toyotomi's.

Osaka Castle had very turbulent history, but it was very peaceful this morning.


Shibuya to Tokyo Run

I had a beautiful run through the metropolitan area of Tokyo today.  The weather was fairly cool.

Dogenzaka shopping area of Shibuya.

Looking at on-going construction by Shibuya Station.

A monument states that this was the founding place of the Imperial College of Engineering - now a part of University of Tokyo.

Nuclear Power Plant protesters is occupying an area in Kasumigaseki.

Sakuradamon Gate - southwest side of Imperial Palace.

A part of the Palace is open to the public.

The moat of the Palace.

Taxis line up by Tokyo Station.

Inside of the station.


A Stroll in Kichijoji

I had a nice walk in Kichijoji this aftenoon.

A street performer had a big audience at the park.

The steps to go toward the station.

Iseya - Yakitori restaurant had a long line already.

A poster of the annual Matsuri.

A video of Inokashira Mikoshi - sorry about the first part so blurr.

The entrance to the station building.

A view of the street in front of the station (south side).

The building at the entrance to Suehiro Dori street is taking shape.

Suehiro Dori.

Amusement stalls.

Yakitori stall.