A Nice Morning Run in Fukushima

I could go for a nice run in Fukushima.  The weather was not as bad as the forecast said yesterday - when I started a bit before 6:00 am, it was 11 degrees Celsius.

A loca Kasuga Shrine.

It had a huge sacred cedar tree.

A pretty view.

It was getting pretty hilly on the eastern side of the city.

I made it to Hanami Yama Park, but it was closed.

The map of the park - must be very pretty in spring.

A field near Hanami Yama.

Beautiful leaves of Fukushima Inari Shrine.

A charming little street.

A Self Defense Force recruitment.

A monument on the western side of the station.


A Run in Sayama Area

I took trains to Sayama Area today to do my run this morning.  The weather was gorgeous and I truly enjoyed the run.

Sayama Fudoson entrance.

One of the padodas of the temple.

Looking at the lake - could see Mt. Fuji far away.

Kurosuke House - unfortunately, it was closed.

The marking is Totoro.

The area is famous for tea.

Melons are always grown.

A panorama photo of the area.

Kindergarten children taking a walk.



Beautiful changing colors of leaves.

A big spider's web.

A trail of the area.

Another view of the lake - the white thing on the right is the dome.

The entrance to the amusement park.

It sure was a nice run!


A Run in Between Rainy Days

It is Sunday in Tokyo and is raining very hard again.  Another typhoon is approaching.  Yesterday morning, I went for a nice run in our neighborhood.  Good thing I did for it is NOT possible to run today.

Hyotanbashi Bridge had some damage. 

The pond by the bridge was dirty.

Water was still coming out of a trail side.

Can see the hole where the water is coming out.

Here's another area of water coming out.

The pond on the far other side - the well side - water is very clear.

Statues by Seibo Kitamura in the edge of Inokashira Park Zoo.

Flowers were pretty on the field by my running trail.

The pedestrian bridge to cross Itsukaichi Kaido is getting a face lift.

A persimmon tree in Koganei Park.

A dog run - for smaller sized ones.

A nice field of cosmos.

I saw many runners there.

Small children was starting Undokai.

Small vegetable fields - cabbages and 

Tamako Cycling Road that comes straight back towards Kichijoji.