Hiking in Milpitas

The same day as my run in Redwood City, I had a very nice hike at Ed R. Levin County Park in Milpitas with a good friend in the afternoon.

Field Mustard.

The area has been getting a lot of rain, so fields are very green.


Warning signs.


A golf course.

A view of Silicon Valley.

A park sign.

A huge pine cone.

A little muddy lake.

A Beautiful Run in Redwood City

Last Saturday morning, I enjoyed a very nice run in Redwood City, CA.  This was my first time to stay in this city.  As usual, I did not have enough time, but could get to learn a bit about the area.

A local market close from my hotel.

A beautiful tree in the residential area.

A pair of geese in a marsh.

A beautiful office buildings at the end of the peninsula.

A view of San Francisco Bay.

Ships were leaving.

Rail tracks.

A nice art on a sidewalk.

 A new building was being built.

The old courthouse is now a history museum.

Home appliances from the 20th century.

Beautiful dresses of immigrants.

A stagecoach.

The city gate by the train station.

A spacious and nice area of Sequoia High School

The city is celebrating the 150th year.

Redwood City is beaufitul.


A Nice Morning Run in San Francisco

I could enjoy a great run in the beautiful city of San Francisco Wednesday morning.

The twin towers under construction are coming along very well.

The Bay Bridge - magnificent!

A huge bow and an arrow got stuck at Rincon Park by the harbor.

I had to walk parts of the way up the hill to Coit Tower.

A statue of Christopher Columbus by Coit Tower.

A coyote by the tower.

Palm trees by Union Square.

A cable car was being turned around by Market Street.


A Nice Jog in Takaoka Old Castle Park

This morning, I could actually run for a change - the first time in almost 4 weeks.  I enjoyed a beautiful run at Kojo Koen (Old Castle Park) in Takaoka.  The castle was built in 1609, but was demolished in 1615 by the order of Tokugawa Shogun government.

Ducks in the moat.

A steam locomotive was displayed.

Plum blossom was starting.

A nice large playground - but it was mostly covered with snow.

Beautiful moss on the ground. 

A long uphill steps.

Maeda Toshinaga, the lord that built the castle.

A trail I ran on.

Imizu Jinja Shrine - established more than 1,300 years ago.

The aerial view of the old castle park.

A picture of how it used to be some 400 years ago - it was a beautiful fortress.

Takaoka Daibutsu (Great Buddha).

The view of Takaoka Station from my hotel.