Nagoya Run

I was back in Nagoya this week - and yesterday morning, I had a very nice run down south from my hotel in Sakae.

A pedestrian bridge across Hori River.

Atsuta Shrine - one of the most famous of shrines in Japan.

Huge sacred tree (Compor Tree) and sake offerings from local makers.   

A train passes by a train track by Jingumae Station - closest station to the shrine.

A wisteria trellis in a park near the shrine.

An art object in Hisaya Odori Park.

A big planetarium ball structure of Nagoya City Science Museum.

The weather was warm and pleasant.


Takamatsu Hill Run

I stayed in Takamatsu earlier this week. I could get to go for a run - to Mineyama, a little mountain on the west side of the city.

A typical of a trail.

An Acala called Taki Fudoson.

Almost to at the top.

A view of Takamatsu City from Mineyama Park.

Back at the city - Takamatsu Station.


A Nice Run in Toyama

I was back in Toyama and had a very nice run yesterday morning.

An old building by Mt. Kureha, a hilly area on the west side of the city.

A view of Toyama City from Mount Kureha from the observatory.

Looking at Mt. Kureha after coming down.

Toyama Ohashi Bridge - this replaced the old one last year.

Toyama Castle Park.

Matsukawa River - famous for beautiful cherry blossom.

Statues of Medicine Sellers of Toyama by the train station.


Yodo River Run

I had a beautiful run along Yodo River (Yodogawa) yesterday morning in Osaka.  

Started from Umeda Station, I ran up north until I hit Yodogawa, then I followed it to the east and came down along the branch river that goes down south and bend around to the west as seen on the map below.

Yodogawa Riverside Park - the riverbank was very spacious.

Beautiful cherry blossoms by Kema Lock Gate.

A crew team was practicing.

Sakuranomiya Bridge.

A cable stayed bridge used only as a walk and bike way over the bridge.

Flower petals were really falling.

A colorful Yatai Stall.

I really enjoyed the fantastic run, but I am sure, due to the stormy weather of today, most flowers I saw yesterday are now gone.