Local Runs This Weekend

We are definitely in Tsuyu now in Tokyo - time of rain and humidity.

But yesterday morning, it was clear and I had fun running in Mitaka.

A Jizo at the corner of Mure-Nichome Crossroads.

Koshinzuka on Hitomi-Kaido.

A small shrine on Hitomi-Kaido.

A pretty lotus flower.

A baseball team on bicycles by JAXA Chofu.

A nice "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" poster by an elementary school child.

This morning, I braved a run in the rain.

Mitaka Hachiman Shrine.

Koshinzuka on Renjaku-dori.

Owashi (Great Eagle) Shrine.

Kizuki Taisha Shrine a bit south of Musashisakai Station.

A Tokyo Metropolitan Government parliament member candidate by the station.


Running Back from Shibuya

This morning, I went to Shibuya Station - on public transportation system.  I checked out the area around the station for A LOT of construction is going there.

A huge painting by Okamoto Taro in Shibuya Station.

Hachiko Square - "at Hachiko" is a popular meet-up location.

Here are some of the skyscrapers being built.

Something new on Meiji-dori, one of the major streets of Tokyo.

A new pedestrian walk bridge is under construction below Shuto Expressway.

A close-up of one of the skyscrapers being built.

The first floor of the same building.

The south side bus depot area is getting a huge facelift as well.

Ran west to Komaba area - a nice walkway in Komabano Park.

The area is very woody - hard to believe it is only a couple of kilometers away from busy Shibuya.

Komaba-Todaimae Station - tiny little station.

The big field of Komaba Park.

Unfortunately, the former residence of Maeda Koshaku was under constrution.

A huge camphor tree in the park.


A Nice Run to Date Clan Mausoleum

This morning, I could put in a run in Sendai.  Weather was cool and nice.  This time, I ran to Zuihoden, the Mausoleum of Date Clan (the Samurai Lord that ruled this area until Meiji Restration) for the first time.

Tohoku University students doing athletic activities.

Anakura Inari Shrine on the way to Zuihoden.

The entrance to Zuihouji Temple.

Close-up of the temple - beautiful wood carving.

Stone steps leading up to the Mausoleum.

The gate to the Mausoleum.

A memorial for Boshin War.

Miyagi TV Tower.

A gate leading to Date Family cemetery.


A Relaxing Run in Musashino.

I understand we have entered Rainy Season (Tsuyu) already, but we have not yet seen a drop of rain since the declaration by the Weather Agency.  I took advantage of this situation and enjoyed a nice relaxing local run, yesterday.

I saw people cleaning a little park - great community volunteers!

Here are more of them - even little children help.

The entrance of the water purification plant in Sekimae.

The plant is getting an upgrade.

Vegetable garden of a local kindergarten.

A nice shady trail.

A panel by a Koban that shows suspects and missing persons, and also to support to get the abductees back.

Hydrangea flowers are pretty at this time of the year.

A runner in Chuo Park.

A softball game was going.

Musashino Shimin (Citizens) Park close from the City Hall.

A typical of a backstreet of Kichijoji.

A Takkyubin delivery man on a bicycle.

Sankaku Hiroba Park by Inokashira Station.