A Run to Abeno

This morning - the last day of August, I was in Osaka and had a nice run.  This time, I went down from my hotel in Shinsaibashi area to Abeno.

A big Gunpla poster.

Must be a place where Hanshin Tigers fans gather.

Looking up the tower from its bottom.

An izakaya close from Tsutenkaku.

Abeno Harukas is the tallest building west of Tokyo.

An interesting pedestrian bridge and the train station.

Shitennoji Temple entrance - next time I have to go inside the gate.

A memorial of a historic figure, Omura Masujiro.  This is where he was assacinated.


A Run in UC Irvine Neighborhood

Last Monday, I could run in UC Irvine area.

Aldrich Park seen the campus.

Interesting plants in University Hills.

The view towards the airport from the top of the Hills.

Cucti with fruits.

An entrance to UC Irvine's Ecological Preserve.

The Preserve.

 Very nice view from the Preserve.

Pelicans in the park.

A family of ducks.


A Nice Run in Palo Alto

Last Saturday morning, I could go for a nice run in the lovely city of Palo Alto, CA.  I ran in Stanford University campus mainly.

A nice entrance of the University - University Ave. turns into Palm Drive.

The oval - a very nice approach to the Main Quad.

The Memorial Church.

Some buildings are covered with vines.

Lake Lagunita - but no trace of water when I was there.

A beach volleyball court by a residential building.

Nice fountains by engineering area.

Hoover Tower is the tallest building at the campus.

Eucalyptus grove on the south side of the campus.

A typical of the residential area close from my hotel.

I wish I had more time to explore the charming city.


A Sightseeing Run in San Francisco

I was lucky to have time to run in the beautiful city of San Francisco last Thursday.

Many construction sites in downtown San Francisco.

A Clean Air Vehicle public transportation.

Transamerica Pyramid seen from Embarcadero.

A door of one of the piers was open.

Many sails at the marina.

Trolley cars.

A little beach by the Wharf.

The famous chocolate factory.

Interesting bushes.

The view of the harbor from a hill.

A view of the financial district and the Bay Bridge from a hill.

A gate of the Chinatown.

A grand tour of San Francisco in 1.5 hours - not too bad!  It sure was hilly!