Tiananmen Square and Around

I was back in Beijing over the weekend and ran to Tiananmen Square.  Although it was still around 7:00 am of Sunday, there were many tourists, already.

Tiananmen seen from the square.

Popular souvenir

Wangfujing shopping area.


Budapest Run and Walk

Budapest was the latest foreign city I got to visit this year. Again, I did not have enough time, but I got to at least visit many sites - with my morning runs and very quick tour by a guide.

This is the statue of Anonymus.  The tour guide told us that schools bring the first year students of elementary school to rub the pen the scary statue holds.  It is believed to make them studious.

I saw these people enjoying themselves on a Beer Bike.

The famous Chain Bridge - it is truly magnificent.

The view from Citadella - the river is of course the Danube.

The statue of Lajos Kossuth, Hungary's first Freedom Fighter.

Street Cars on Margaret Bridge.

Beautiful Parliament Building viewed across the Danube.

St. Stephen's Basilica was located very close from our hotel.

Female Sphynx at the Opera House.

Széchenyi Thermal Bath  - it is a natural hot spring enjoyed by many. 

A chain object in front of the House of Terror.

The House of Terror.  This city's history is filled with tough times.


Utsunomiya Run

I spent the last night in Utsunomiya - and went for a run in its downtown area this morning.

This is Utsunimoya Tower seen from Hachiman-yama Park.

Pine trees in the park.

A walking bridge in the park.

The tower seen from the other side of the bridge.

Beautiful morning sun seen from the park.

Japanese Horse Chestnut trees in front of the Prefectural Office.
It's the prefectural tree.

Orion-Dori shopping street.  They're getting ready for a big bicycle race.


Manhattan Runs and Walks

Now, I would like to share the photos I took in Manhattan.  I ran and walked every day and enjoyed seeing interesting things during my stay there.  I did encounter some rain, but mainly, I was lucky to have nice weather.

Since my hotel was on Park and the 61st, pictures are from the neighborhood of that area.

I ran to Hudson River to look at the skyline of Manhattan.  

This picture was taken from the tip of the pier around the 70th Street

The entrance of currently the most valuable corporation's retail store.

A small replica of the most famous statue in New York.

A show window of a store had pink fish with ladies' shoes - interesting.

Park Avenue had works by Niki de Saint Phalle.  This one is called "Arbre Serpents."

Gramercy Tavern - one of the best restaurants in the world.

Pictures of the current President of USA - the big election is next month.


Central Park Runs

I spent 4 days in New York City. I enjoyed running in Central Park.  There were many walkers, runners, bikers, roller skaters, and picnickers.

Tourists on a horse-drawn carriage.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir at the northern part of the park.

The entrance to the Children's Zoo.

The pond on the south-end of the park.

Beautiful trees.

Bikers and runners on the road in the park.

Runners on trails.

Central Park is absolutely the best place to run in Manhattan Island.