Photos of Fliying Out of Tokyo

I had a couple of trips away from Tokyo this week. The weather was clear, so I could enjoy the views out of the windows of the airplanes.

On Wednesday, our airplane took off towards the west. Here's the view of Haneda Airport. The long rectangular extension on the right is the new runway that was completed last year. The river is Tama River right next to the airport and on the other side to the left is the city of Kawasaki.

A few minutes later, we flew over the city of Yokohama. The bridge at the bottom right is Yokohama Bay Bridge.

Thursday morning, the airplane- after taking off from Haneda the airplane flew on the east side of Tokyo. This one is looking westward. The big river is Arakawa River. The mountain with the white cap is of course Mt. Fuji.

On the same flight we flew by Mt. Fuji. This is a view from the north side.


Otaru, Hokkaido

One morning last week, I had a visit to Otaru, Hokkaido.

There was much snow - the cab driver told me that this much snow was quite unusual even for Otaru.

This is right in front of the famous cheese cake store - Le Tao.

I learned that Otaru is famous for ice cream. Girls love it - they eat it out in the cold.

Otaru is also famous for glass art.

Otaru train station as I was leaving for the airport.

Here's a sign for a support to extending Shinkansen High Speed Rail to Hokkaido (currently, only to Aomori). The sign says the 360 km/h speed train will make the time from Sapporo/Otaru to Tokyo 3 hours and 57 min.

I need to return there with more time to enjoy the beautiful city.


Interesting Things

New Year's ornaments at Robataya, Tokyo. This is the Year of the Rabbit.

An amazing bamboo craft in Tochigi-ken.

Parked bikes at Inokashira Park. The yellow sign says "No bicycle parking allowed".

Price of sushi was recently reduced to 120 yen from 130 yen at Tenka Sushi.

Washed clothes were hanging at the veranda of an apartment building.


Hibiya Park Walk

This afternoon, I had half an hour idle time in central Tokyo - took a stroll in Hibiya Park.

It was sunny, but air was cold and crisp.

A replica of the Liberty Bell of Philadelphia.

The explanation plate says that this was a gift from an anonymous group in America to the people of Japan to spread the joy of freedom. It is dated October, 1952.

Tsuru no Funsui (Crane Fountain) Pond - the object in the middle of the pond is in shape of a Japanese crane (bird).

A horse watering tank (or station) that was actually used in olden days.

A fountain of Kamome (Seagull) Square - at the corner of Nishi Saiwai Mon intersection.

Leonard Da Vince Museum, a temporary exhibition in the park will be open until February 20.