Toyama Marathon 2016

Yesterday, Toyama Marathon 2016 was held and over 13,000 runners participated.  The weather was gorgeous - a perfect day for a marathon.

Runners getting ready for the start of the run in Takaoka.

One of the highlights of the run - beautiful Shinminato Bridge at the half-way point.  In the back is Tateyama Mountain Range.

After the bridge was a long flat country roads.

Many banners drawn by children to cheer runners.

The finish in Toyama City.

The route of the run.

The run was very well organized and I highly recommend it for marathon runners.


A Morning Walk in Fukuno

I had a nice morning walk in an old town of Fukuno, now a part of Nanto City of Toyama Prefecture on Friday.

 The street leading to Shinmeisha Shrine - worshipped is Amaterasu.

The main building of the shrine with Komainu.

The back of the shrine with a red Torii.

Shrine divinity figures.

A temple - Onkoji.

A Fudoson at a corner of a little street.

Persimmon trees.

A little park - Yakata Nigo Koen.

Students walking to a local school.

A picture of the local festival.

A view looking out of the station.

Cute little red berries.

There is another Shinmeisha in town.


A Cool Morning Run in Nagoya

I went for a run in Nagoya this morning.  When I went outside of my hotel on the west side of the station at 5:15 or so, it was very cool and still dark.

I ran down south for a while along the train track that bent west to go to a little park called Arako Park.

The entrance of Arako Park.

Nice sunrise over a field at the park.

 Cats at Mt. Fuji shaped children's playground equipment.

A clock tower shows what time it was when I was there.

Children's play area in Matsuha Park.

One of the Hachiman Shrines.

A big automotive dealer of a local brand.

Pillars of an elevated train track.

The west side of Nagoya Station this morning.

A picture of the similar area in 1964.


Three-Day Weekend in Kichijoji

Today was "Taiiku no Hi" or Health and Sports Day in Japan.  This made this weekend one of many Three-Day Weekends.

I could relax at my home and enjoyed running and walking around our neighborhood.

The rain of Saturday made the Paper Plane Competition not so pleasant at Chuo Park.

Kids were still playing soccer, though.

"Karin" or Pseudocydonia in a yard of a neighbor's yard.

The resident Manga Reader at Inokashira Park on Sunday.

Kids were playing with Sylvanian Families playhouse.

Art Salon Booth.

An Anime Song Concert was happening at the stage.

 Art Market Booths at the Park this afternoon.

As usual, many people waiting at Iseya Yakitori Restaurant.

Many boats at the pond

Performers were gathering crowds.

A jazz band at Sunroad this evening.


A Nice Morning Run in Niigata

I was back in Niigata this week.  Had a great run on Friday morning.

Shinano River - looking at it from Yachiyo Bridge.

Kannon and Jizo (wearing red hats and bibs)  statues at a local temple.

Cute figurines at a store window.

The entrance of the Niigata University Hospital.

Windmills at the park by Sea of Japan.

A fisherman on an island of tetrapods.

The shore was being repaired.

An old cannon at Don-yama.

Wind-blocking pine trees by the sea - looking southwestward (the sea  is on the right side of the picture).

And looking northeastward (the sea is on the left side of the picture).

Back at Shinano River - from Ryuto Bridge the last bridge before the mouth of the river.

The most famous bridge of the city - Bandai Bridge.

A picture of the first Bandai Bridge (wooden built in 1886).

One of the parks in the city.

A Shotengai in Furumachi (Old City).

Niigata Station (east side).

Weather was cool - looking more like Autumn.