Foggy Run in Nanto

Early this morning, I went for a jog in Fukuno district of Nanto City - early in the morning. It was very foggy.

Approaching an old bridge over Oyabe River.

Beautiful flowers on a side of the road.

An entrance way to a local temple.
A spider web on a bridge.
A crow on a bridge.
It was a very peaceful run.


My First Trail Run

On Wednesday, I participated in my first trail run - this one was in Orange County, California.

The event was called Into the Wild OC Trail Run. This is the tent where we registered.

Within a mile, there was a steep and dusty uphill.

Here's a downhill through the bushes - rocky trails.

In the middle of the run, there was a flat part.

The area generally looked like this.
The raffle and award ceremony after the race was nice and friendly.

Although the heat was a bit overwhelming, I enjoyed my first trail run.


Run around San Jose Airport

Last Thursday, I had a trip to Silicon Valley, CA. I ran around the entire peripheral of San Jose International Airport.

Looking at the whole length of the runway from the southeastern tip of the airport.

The entrance to Airport Traffic Control Tower.

The monument of Mission Santa Clara de Asis.

A sign of the first honey bees in California is right by the international terminal.

Flags - looking up from the first bee sign.

The sign of the airport.
The terminal.

Silicon Valley Starts Here.


Morning Run in Kowloon

This week, I made a very short visit to Hong Kong. I stayed in Kowloon side. Below are photos I took when I went for a short run in the morning.

A couple walks by statues (two figures to the right) on Avenue of Stars as the sun comes out.

The statue of Bruce Lee.

Avenue of Stars a bit later on.
Nice flower planters on Canton Road.