Earth Day Morning Market

My wife and I took a run to Yoyogi Park yesterday morning. The weather was nice and the distance was a comfortable - approx. 13 K.

At Keyaki-Dori or "Zelkova Street", an event called "Earth Day Morning Market" was being held.

There were many booths selling natural looking things - vegetables, fruirts, tea, potteries, clothes, etc.

This man was selling freshly picked organic carrots - looked delicious!.

This year's Earth Day Tokyo Event will be on 20-21 April, but the next time this market will be held will be 24 February.

A long line at a booth for Jinenjo soup.

A bus to a nearby NHK TV studio - decorated as Domo-kun.


Beppu - Steamy!

Beppu is definitely unlike many other cities of Japan. It is famous for its hot springs and all over the city, there are steams coming out of the ground.  I think, usually, people would stay away from being too close from such things, but in this city, they are just parts of everyday scene.

Kannawa district of the city is famous for "Hell"s Kitchen".   You can bring food (or buy them there) to be cooked by the natural steam.

Here, you can drink the hot water that comes out of Oni's mouth.  It was a bit salty - recommended amount was to drink 1/3 the cup.

You can also dip your feet in Ashi-yu or foot spa.

There were interesting huts in Myoban Onsen district.

Insidea hut  - "growing" Yunohana  (Hot water flowers) - mineral from hot springs.

Up in the air were hawks.  

Had a warm day - went up to 14 deg. C!  Nice break from cold days.


Niigata visit

I had an overnight visit to Niigata Prefecture.  From Tokyo, it is a 2-hour Joetsu Shinkansen ride to Niigata City, one of the largest cities on the side of Sea of Japan.

A view from the observatory of Toki Messe, the tallest building there.

The ferry terminal.  I remember the controversy while back for it was allowing a North Korean ship to dock.

The main road was covered with snow.

Niigata's famous for good sake, fish, and soba noodles.

A lot of snow in front of Echigo Yuzawa Station, close from ski resorts of Niigata.

A statue of Komako, a character in Nobel Prize winner, Yasunari Kawabata's Snow Country.

A typical view outside of the train I rode.

We have a lot of snow this winter season in Japan.


Ran on Snow!

I decided to brave myself to run early this morning. I ran through Inokashira Park and then along the JR train track beyond Mitaka Station and back.

In the park - the condition of the steps.

The surface was like this.  Snow was crunchy and some places slippery.

The bridge of the pond was lit up.

Train track by Mitaka Station.

Inokashira Benten Shrine.

The walkway by the station near by.



After a wonderfully sunny, warm, and beautiful day of yesterday, we had a tremendous change of weather today.  We had a lot of snow - almost 10 cm!

Here's looking out of our car window after picking our children from their school.

Looking ahead of the windshield of my car - not very many people are used to driving in such a conditions here, so we had traffic congestion everywhere.

It was dangerous for the roads accumulated snow.

Our yard - covered with snow.

Found cute little bird tracks on our driveway.

Hopefully, the road conditions will be OK tomorrow.


First Runs of 2013

My first runs of 2013 started in Anaheim Hills, California.  

Beautiful mountains were seen from the Imperial Park.

Cacti on S. Royal Oak Road.

A view of a residential area.

Anaheim Hills is a very beautiful community.


Venice Beach to Santa Monica Pier

My last run of the year 2012 was a wonderful one between Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier in California.  I enjoyed very much running by the Pacific Ocean and under the beautiful skies.

V monument.

Shops at Venice Beach.

A bike trail.

A paved road I ran on.

At the entrance of Santa Monica Pier.

A view of the beach and pier from its tip.

A beautiful sandy beach seen from the pier.

One of the charming canals of Venice.

A view from my hotel room at Marina del Rey.

The weather was fairly cool, but beautiful.  California is so nice.