Hanami Run!

I came back to Tokyo to find full cherry blossom.  This morning, I could enjoy them very much during my run.


By the Baseball Field.

Entrance Gate of Hosei High School

Yokufu-kai nursing home.

A park by Kanda River.

Kandagawa close from Fujimigaoka Station.

Kandagawa between Mitakadai and Kugayama.

Sankaku Koen - by Inokashira Koen Station.

Kandagawa by Sankaku Koen.

It was so nice to run and enjoy beautiful flowers his morning.


Melbourne - Runs and Walks

I was very lucky to spend approx. 6 days in Melbourne, Australia last week.  I could put in three runs in mornings and a couple of walks in the city.

A tower by Garden City Reserve.

Half flags in honor of the death of a former prime minister.

A reggae band at Federation Square.

One of the bridges on Yarra River has many locks on it.

The station building on Saturday morning.

An art on a wall by Yarra River.

The City Emblem on St. Kilda Road Bridge over Yarra River.

A dog statue.

A narrow street.

An art on a wall.

A mosaic maid in honor of the circus that used to be there.

Melbourne is a very beautiful city.  I hope to return there again.


Marina Bay Run

Yesterday morning, I had a nice run around Marina Bay in Singapore.  Started running around 9:30 - it got very warm.

The new indoor stadium.

Runners crossing a suspension bridge.

The view of the Marina from the side of the Golf Course.

Kite flyers atop the grassy rooftop of the Barrage building.

An interesting sign.

An interesting structure of Flower Dome.

Orange Bougainvillea.

The view of the Bay from Helix Bridge.

A cannonball tree had flowers.

Some areas - better stay away.

Actually, towards the end of the run, it was so hot.  Next time I run in Singapore, I'd better take a bottle of water with me.


Hokuriku Shinkansen

The newest Japanese Super Express - Hokuriku Shinkansen opened for service last Saturday.

This is a poster stating it will only be 2 hours 7 min. from Tokyo to Toyama.  It used to take much more than 3 hours until now.

Posters at Tokyo Station - for opening day - 3.14 or March 14.

A TV show reporting of the start of the service on the opening day morning.

I took Kagayaki for Toyama on Monday morning.

Photographers at Toyama Station.

The last stop - Kanazawa's new station.

A huge line at a ticket counter.

Omiyage - Rusk in a souvenir box.

To go to Toyama and Kanazawa, I often took airplanes, but from now on, Shinkansen will be more frequent for sure.