Running on the Snow in Nanto

In the morning of the day before yesterday, I had a great run in Nanto.

The parking lot of my hotel - around 6:30 am.

Snow was very fresh.

My footsteps on the snow.

Rice fields were of course covered with snow.

An old sign of the neighboring town - Inami.

Entrance to a local shrine.

An interesting memorial stone figure.

A playground.

Some roads have snow melting device (pumps out water from underground).

A beautiful sunrise.

Usually, small country roads had snow on them like this.

My shadow seen on the snow.

A local railroad track of Johana Line.

Trees are lined up on a road in Fukuno.

A close us of one of the trees - with snow on branches.

When possible, I like to run on the snow.  My feet got soaked, but it was so beautiful and enjoyable.


Adachi Friendly Marathon

On our Emperor's Birthday, I participated in "Adachi Friendly Marathon".  This was the 5th annual of it.

Before the start of the race - runners were getting ready.

A long line for bathrooms before the run.

At the start line - over 4,000 people ran the half-marathon.

The course was simple - we first ran up the stream of Arakawa River for 1/4 of the course length (21.0975 km), turned around and ran down stream for 1/2 of the course, and then up again for 1/4 to come back to where we started.
Running up with the stream was against the wind and the other way was with the wind.  It was tough for the last quarter of the distance, the wind was pretty strong.  It was sunny and a very warm day, so it really was a very nice day for a race.

The actual trace of the course of Adachi Friendly Marathon (MapMyRun).

After finishing the race.

 The poster of the run.

This was the last race of the season.  I had a very good run.


Sapporo - Walks on Ice and Snow

I went to Sapporo last Sunday - arrived at night.  It was very cold there!

The streets were frozen everywhere!

Monday evening, I took a walk in Odori Park where festivities were on going.

A nice big Christmas tree.

This tall white one was pretty, too.

Christmas ornaments were on sale.

There was a Russian booth.

Tuesday morning - it was amazing to see some people riding bikes on icy snow.

Hokkaido University, one of the top academic institutions in Japan.

There were some runners on campus!

The statue of W.S. Clark - the most famous American in Hokkaido.

The School of Agriculture building.

A sign for Ainu and Indeginous Studies Center.

Pretty little red fruits of Japanese Rowan tree by Sapporo Station.


Inokashira Park - More Autumn Colors

I am very lucky to be living by a beautiful park.  My eyes and other senses could enjoy the wonderful jog in the park.

Woody areas by the zoo.

The opposite side of the park - a trail by Kanda River.

Fallen leaves by the park by Inokashira Koen Station.

Walking up the hill on the southern side of the pond.

A view from Peppa Cafe Forest restaurant.

Trail on southwest side of the pond.

Looking towards main bridge from the northern edge of the pond.

The spring where all the water of the pond comes from.

Beautiful leaves of maple trees - fantastic.

Looking at Art Market from the back trail.

The trail by the playground the other side of Kanda River.

The trail by Inokashira Koen Station.