Inland Sea Ferry Rides

I took ferry rides in Inland Sea (Seto Naikai).

The first leg was 100 min. ride from Himeji to Shodoshima Island.

Here is an ferry that is similar to the one I was on.

These guitarists fell asleep aboard the ferry.

The Port of Fukuda on Shodoshima as seen from a hill.

A statue of Kobodaishi (Kukai) on Shodoshima.

"Dobuchi Strait," supposed to be the narrowest strait in the world.

Island of Shikoku, as seen from the second ferry ride (60 min.) from Shodoshima to Takamatsu. The trapezoidal shaped mountain on the right is Yashima, famous for an ancient battle.


Green stuff in Taipei

I took a nice stroll in the morning of Saturday in Taipei. During my walk, I saw some efforts made to make the city green.

There will be Taipei International Flora Expo in November this year. The below is a promotional exhibition at the Taipei Airport.