Inokashira Park - Details

I could go for a run this morning - the first time in over one month!  Had to take it easy - but could run a very enjoyable run around Inokashira Park.  Because I ran slowly, I could see details of the park.

A rock engraved with a sign of the park.  It says "Inokashira Park - administered by the City of Tokyo".  "The City of Tokyo" does not exist since 1943 when it became a prefecture.

This monument says that the city was opened in May of the sixth year of Taisho or 1917.

A sign for Nishi-En or West-side Park.

A playground in Nishi-En.

A trail by Tamagawa Josui.

The map of the bird sanctuary in the park.

A small appendix part of the park.

A cute little cafe.


Benten Pond is pretty dry now.

The shrine.

Water is still being pumped to the main part of the pond to keep Benten Pond dry.

The water pipes were being routed by the main pond.

Sankaku Koen - a nice field by Inokashira Koen Station.

Children play by Kanda River by Sankaku Koen.

This was a short and slow but a very enjoyable run around the familiar park.


Toyama City Walk

On Friday, I was in Toyama City.  It is very unusual not to have snow at this time of the year.  This really is a warm winter.

I first walked at Fugan Kansui Park.

The map of the park.

Then I walked in the old castle park.

An old gate was restored.

The memorial statue for the air raid the city suffered in 1~2 of August, 1945.  
Almost all of the city was burned with almost 25,000 buildings were destroyed, some 110,00 people were affected of which over 2,700 people dead and more than 7,900 injured.

The map of the park.

A fountain with Christmas lights outside the park.

Toyama is now a very peaceful and quiet city.


Tennozu Isle Area River Walk

I had a nice walk along the river around Tennozu Isle area in the late afternoon of Sunday.

There's a nice board walk.

Reflection of buildings on the river.

The view of the river area.

One of the older bridges.

Share bikes.

An interesting art object.

A cruise boat goes under a truss bridge - "Fureai Bashi".

A watergate - looking towards Tokyo Harbor and the station from the bridge.

A wedding couple was getting a photo taken.

The area is still being developed.  There is a very nice casual restaurant next to the bridge.


Sapporo Walk - Around the Station

Yesterday morning, I had a short walk in Sapporo.  It was so different from my visit one year ago - it was warm.

The sign at my hotel front desk indicates today's high and low temp. and percentage for precipitation - today on left and tomorrow on right..

Only a little bit of snow.

The image of Hokkaido in winter time is white, but not this time.

The north side of the station.

A train just arrived and commuters poured out of the exit.

A nice sign in the station.

South side of the station.

No problem with bicycles this time.

A big construction is going on by Sapporo Tower.

The bullet train will be connected from Tokyo to southern part of Hokkaido next March.


Fukushima Walk

I was back in the City of Fukushima this week - and had a nice walk this morning.

Bicycles parking below an elevated road.

A bus stop close from the Prefecture Office.

Osaragibashi - a truss bridge spans over Abukuma River.

The river seen from Osaragi Bridge.

The bridge seen from the river.

A drain system in case of high water.

A playground by the river.

A Tenjin Shrine.

Rocks of Koshin.

Tenjin Bridge.

The sunrise seen from Tenjin Bridge.

Gas tanks close from Tohoku Shinkansen track.

Western Entrance of Fukushima Station.

A monument on the west side a memorial for Yuji Koseki - a local musician composer.

A long underground corridor between east and west side of the station.

An interesting clock on the east side of the station.

The eastern entrance to the station.

The figure of Yuji Koseki.