A Nice Morning Run in Nasushiobara

This morning, I ran from my hotel in Nasushiobara to Higashinasuno Park - a hilly area a bit south of the Shinkansen station.

Looking at Nasushiobara Station from my hotel window.

A beautiful view of Nasu Mountains from the park.

It was very cold this morning - frozen leaves.

Japanese silver grass.

Found a local temple - Konjoin.

Kobodaishi is celebrated there.

A big statue of Kannon.

Water in the fields had ice.

A typical road of the area.

Looking at the hill of the park.

A big house.

Elementary students walking to their school.

It was refreshing to do this run this morning.


Another Beautiful Local Run

This morning, I ran the opposite direction from the other day's.  Leaves are still hanging on - despite the snow of Thursday.

A man with a harmonica was playing Momiji song in Inokashira Park by the zoo.

Another runner in Gotenyama area.

A playground in the new part of the park.

A trail by a track of Nishi-En (West Park).

A Ghibli bus on a road by Tamagawajosui in between the park and Mitaka Station.

A Tozai Line Subway train at Mitaka Station.

Trail by the Water Purification Plant.

A pond in Sekimae Park - reflections were pretty.

A trail in Chuo Park.

A former road by Chuo Park is blocked off.

A row of poplar trees are pretty by the apartments by the park.


A Beautiful Run on a Holiday

Today is a holiday here - Labor Thanksgiving Day.  On this cool day, I had a nice run in our neighborhood in western Tokyo.

Leaves are really falling - these on our home tile outside.

A little park by Kugayama Station.

Pretty yellow fallen leaves.

A herron in Kanda River by Takaido Station.

Poplar leaves.

A maple on a pavement.

A park south of Fujimigaoka Station.

More fallen leaves.

A Japanese maple tree along Tamagawa Josui.

A trail by Hosei High School.

A trail by Inokashira Park.

Benten Ike Pond in Inokashira Park.

Looking towards the zoo across the pond.

A swan boat on Inokashira Park.

This was a very nice and relaxed run.


Orange County Runs

I was back in Orange County (again briefly) this week.  I could go for runs on Thursday and Friday mornings.

First morning, I ran along John Wayne Airport.

Business jets.

Private planes.

Beautiful sunset over the airport - later on that day.

Second morning, I ran down to Upper Newport Bay Nature Reserve.

The sign at Irvine and University Avenues. 

It is a beautiful area - heavenly!

A little hawk perched on a cliff.



An interesting wall of a business building.

Hotel California!