Hokuriku Runs and Walks

My last business trip of the year 2012 took me to Hokuriku.  I took an airplane from Tokyo's Haneda Airport to Komatsu Airport, then used a car to travel within the region.

The beautiful view of the mountains covered with snow - seen from an expressway parking area.

Yesterday morning, I could take a run in Kanazawa.  Snow was pretty much melted there.

The lobby of the hotel I stayed - very nice.

I was also in Takaoka, a city that is in between Kanazawa and Toyama.

This is the Great Buddha Statue - considered one of the three in Japan (other two are those of Nara and Kamakura).

This morning, I ran in Nanto - my final stop of the trip.

The moon was setting as I ran.

Rice fields are all over the place.

I had a bit of a run in snow.


A Run from Tokyo Station

I had a nice run from Tokyo Station back to Kichijoji today - approx. 22 km today.

Chuo Line Platform of Tokyo Station where I arrived.

Taiwanese aborigines group was performing a dance in front of Kusunoki Masashige Statue to celebrate our the Emperor's Birthday.

A trail that circles the Imperial Moat - many people run around it.

The Diet Building - the lower house was recently overturned from the Democratic Party of Japan to the Liberal Democratic Party as the result of the recent election.

A wedding couple was getting a photo shots in front of Akasaka Palace.

The entrance to Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

The southern side of Shinjuku Station is under construction.

The high rise buildings of Shinjuku.

A park gate that commemorates a former National Silk Laboratory in Suginami.


More Changes in Kichijoji

I reported about some changes in Kichijoji in my blog this summer, but there are many more changes around the train station.  I would like to show them here.

The southern entrance of the station (Inokashira Koen Guchi) is currently re-routed to cope with the construction of the Keio LIne station building.

It is actually quite confusing.

Here's what the area used to look like (from Google Maps)

The back side of the new building - it is coming along well.   This announcement from the city gives information about the construction.

Looking towards the station construction from south west corner of the narrow street where the buses go into.

The view of the similar angle from Google Maps.

A building by Nakamichi Street was demolished.

This is what it used to be on Google Maps.

Suehiro Street on the east side of the station - a big building was demolished.

This is what it used to be on Google Maps.

The light-up in front of the Kichijoji Station (north side).


Nogawa Park Stroll

I had a wonderful stroll in Nogawa Park this afternoon.  It was a sunny, warm, and a beautiful day.

The ground was a carpet of yellow leaves!

A picnic area.

 A Playground Area.

A store sells food and play things.

A couple of panorama photos of the park.

The map of the park - it used to be a golf course.

A picture of the ground.



Asukayama in Autumn Colors

I took a stroll in Asukayama Park at lunch time last Friday.

It was a cold cloudy day, so there were not that many people there.

Sakura leaves were falling.


Sendai Morning Run

I had a nice morning run in Sendaii. Air was crisp and cool.  From the city, I ran up the hill to the park where Aoba Castle used to be.

This is the view of the city from the hill.

The statue of Date Masamune, the great samurai lord that ruled this area.

The castle wall was still under repair from damages from the earthquake last year.

The road to the castle park was still blocked to traffic - cute barriers.

Ohashi Bridge that spans over HIrose River to the castle park.

A photo of fallen leaves and my shadow in Tohoku University campus.

A new subway line was under construction in the city.