A Run to Koenji

This morning, I went for a long run for a change.  I ran to Koenji Station.

A nice little park close from Nishi-Ogikubo Station.

A little Inari Shirine.

Figures in a show window of an Izakaya.

A view from Koenji Station.

 An entrance to a walkway - used to be a river.

A nice little park with a cherry blossom.

A garden in a Danchi.

Another playground.

The entrance to Shinseiji Temple.

The main building - it is a Zen temple.

Myohoji Temple - Nichiren Sect.

Children practicing soccer.

A pond in Wadabori Park.

The overpass of Kanpachi by Inokashira dori is being repaired.

Bread store closest from the factory.


Tokushiama Morning Run

On Sunday morning, I could go for a nice run in Tokushima City.

Boats on Shinmachi River.

Beautiful Sunrise.

A walkway along Nakasu River.

Shiroyama (Castle Mountain)  where Tokushima Castle used to be.

A nice park by Shiroyama.

A ver old camophor (Kusu) tree.

A steam locomotive was displayed.

Old castle wall.

 The top of Shiroyama - here used to be castle buildings.

Mt. Bizan and the city of Tokushima seen from Shiroyama.

Steps to get to the old fortress.

Big rocks in the park.

Beautiful cherry blossom.

A man was feeding seagulls.

Palm trees by Shinmachi River.

Anime art by by the station.


Spring Flowers

This morning, I went for a run in my neighborhood for a change.  Spring is here and there are many flowers blossoming!

 I could not find out the name of this pretty yellow flower.

Japanese cornel (Sanshuu)

Plum (Ume).

Weeping Cherry (Shidarezakura)

A type of Japanese cherry.

A type of daffodil.

I don't know what this is either, but very cute.

Red plum flowers.

Cherry flowers in Inokashira zoo.

Magnolia (Mokuren)

A cherry blossom in a playground.

Carmellia (Tsubaki)

Cootamundra wattle (Mimoza Acacia) - beautiful!


An Early Morning Run in Hong Kong

I was back in Hong Kong over the weekend.  I could go for a run in the morning of Sunday.

At 6:15, it was still very dark - people were having breakfast at a cafe.

There are many construction sites.

I had to turn around at the Cross Harbour Tunnel.

Meat markets were getting ready for business.

A statue of a golden dragon.

Horse figures by the Jockey Club.

Some parts of the city look like jungles.

Hong Kong Park right by my hotel.