The Last Run of 2013

As the last run of this year, we went down to Tama River. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed it very much the 16 km (10 miles) run.  We went down south from our home and crossed Tamagawara Bridge over to Inagi.

We rested a bit by the bridge.

There were rugby players and runners along the riverbank.

Some parts of the trail along the river looked like a jungle.

Some other parts were paved.

Koremasa Cable Stayed Bridge.

Nambu LIne train runs over bridge over the river.

There were some people fishing on the other side.

What a wonderful run to conclude the year that was!


Nairobi and Mt. Kenya - Kenya

My last visit during my African trip was Kenya.

From my hotel, could see Nairobi National Park - it was vast!

I jogged around Wilson Airport - airplanes for Safari trips take off from this small airport.

I had a day trip out of Nairobi.  Here  are some fruits sellers outside of the city.

We had lunch at Trout Tree Restaurant - fascinating!

A sign at the restaurant.

We stayed at a hotel right on the equator.

There was an animal orphanage - this one is a baby Lynx.

Two brother Cheetahs.

I had a fabulous visit in Kenya.


Kigali and Rusumo - Rwanda

My next stop was Rwanda.  Flew from Addis Ababa to Kigali, their capital city.

This is a view from my airplane window.  There are some dry lands.

Kigali Airport

Rwanda at this time of the year was greener than Ethiopia.

There were many motorcycle taxis.

I then got driven to the country side - towards the boarder with Tanzania.

Bananas are abundant.

These trees have many Weaver Bird nests - very noisy and busy.

Nests are very skillfully made (by male birds) - amazing!  But this one was on the ground - it usually means the female bird did not like it.
Villigers - especially children were very friendly.

These children came to greet me to be photographed.  Altitude of this house was about 1,500 meters (about 5,000 ft.)  I had a very good hill workout.

Houses and landscape were interesting - very hilly.

An anthill - this was actually on Tanzania side.