Nice walk in the park

I was supposed to run a marathon yesterday (Tsukuba). Unfortunately, I had to abort the idea when I got a sudden knee pain on Thursday. Guess I have to rest for a while and re-start training so I will be fit to run again.

It is a holiday in Japan today (Labor Thanksgiving Day). I had a nice walk in Inokashira Park with our puppy this morning. It was sunny, warm and nice with still autumn colored leaves hanging on to our enjoyment. There were many people out that were enjoying the weather.

Hyotan Ike (Pond) reflects the bicycle rider over the little bridge.
A girl enjoys the swing.
Pigeons lined up on tree branches.
Many of the trees are cherries, maples, and pines.

Visitors can rent boats - some are shaped like swans.


Tama River

In a beautiful weather, I had a very nice run along Tama River today.

On the river bank, there were picnicking and fishing.

Some people enjoy water sports.

Sparrows flew away when I got too close.

Here are Japanese pampas grass.



I made my first trip to Koyasan, the sacred place for Shingon Sect of Buddhism in Japan. It is in Wakayama Prefecture and was founded over 1,200 years ago by Kūkai. From Namba Station in Osaka, it takes an express train and a cable car ride to Koyasan Station - approximately 1 hour 30 min.

The cable car to Koyasan.

From there, it took about 15 min. taxi ride to get to our Shukubo, or Lodging Temple. I stayed at Henjôkô-in.

A beautiful garden at Henjoko-in.

The entrance to the Kongōbuji, the main Buddhist temple in Koyasan.

A beautiful rock garden of Kongobuji - it is one of the largest in Japan.

Konpon Daito, the spiritual symbol of Shingon Sect.

Leaves of maple have changed color.


Views from Kasumigaseki Building

Last week, I had a meeting at Kasumigaseki Building. From the 35th floor, I took the photos below.

The woody area is the Imperial Palace ground.

The Diet building. It is also seen at the left side of the above photo.

Tokyo Tower is a landmark of this city.