I climbed Tateyama today.  This really was my first time with a serious mountain hike, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was very steep and it took about 7 min. to the other end - Bijodaira Station.

 Murodo, the start of Tateyama hike is at altitude of 2,450 m (8,067 ft).

We had to walk over snow.

Beautiful little flowers - the white ones are Aleutian Avens and the pink - Schizocodon soldanelloides.

The weather cleared when we got to Ichinokoshi, 2,700 m (8,858 ft) point.

From that point was very rocky and steep climb.

Almost at the top - great view!

The peak - 3,003 m (9,852 ft).

Then the weather turned again to cloudy/rainy.

Walking down on more snow.

From Murodo, to the peak and back took about 5 hours.  I encountered sunshine, clouds, rain, wind, and saw snow - it was wonderful!


Kagawa Run

I had a nice run last Saturday morning in Kagawa Prefecture - from my hotel in Marugame to Sakaide.

This is Aonoyama, the one I ran up to the last time I ran here.

Trees at the top of Seitsuji Park.

The view of Great Seto Bridge from the park.  It is such a grand structure.

Very tall approach to the bridge in Sakaide.

The Gold Tower of Utazu - it is 127 meters tall.

Marugame Boat Race Track - seen from my hotel.


Local Run Scenes

Last Monday was a holiday - "Umi no hi" - or Marine Day.  Unfortunately, I could not go to a beach, but I had a nice run - this time to the north from my home.

Seibu Shinjuku Line - usually painted yellow.

A kindergarten yard had these nice flowers.

I hit the noise barrier wall of Kan-Etsu Expressway beyond Oizumi Gakuen.

Then I was in Saitama - a kiwi farm.

An official poster board of Saitama candidates of the coming election of House of Councilors.  The big election will be the 21st of July.

An old farm house displayed old masks.

A preserved farm area - enclosed by ra esidential area.

An official poster board of Tokyo candidates of the coming election of the House of Councilors.


Hachijo Jima

Hachijo Jima is a subtropical island that belong to Tokyo.  It is 284 km due south of Tokyo.  One has to either take a ferry or many people like me, take one-hour airplane ride from Haneda Airport.

I had a very nice run in the morning of the day before yesterday to the top of Mt. Hajijo Fuji - elevation 854 m (approx. 2,801 ft) - the highest point of the island.

The mountain of Hachijo Fuji viewd close from my hotel.

Climbing instruction - warnings and all.

Typical of the road - mostly like this.

The top was never seen - always had a cloud.

The entrance of the mountain trail to the top.

At least most of it had steps - very steep!

Almost at the top - getting foggier (or cloudier).

The very top - this was actually the rim of the crater.

A view of the ocean - was hardly visibile.



A Run in Rainy Toyama

In a pouring rain, I had a nice long run around the City of Toyama this morning.

JR Toyama Station is under construction to be ready for Hokuriku Shinkansen.

A huge crane for the construction of the station - seen from my hotel.

Inari Park - about 2 km east of the station.

Joto Fureai Park - about 3 km east of the station.

Jonan Park - about 2.5 km south of the station.

A bridge in Toyama Castle Park - about 1 km south of the station.

Interesting car parking arrangement.

A platform of the local train lines - Toyama Chiho Railway.

Today is Tanabata - wishes of children are strung on bamboo branches at Toyama Airport.

The weather cleared up in the afternoon - and got very clear and HOT!