Early Morning Run in Fukuoka

Last Tuesday morning, I was in Fukuoka and went for a run.  Because the city is over 9 degrees west of Tokyo in Longitude, the morning comes later and it was very dark when I started.

A Chinese-looking pier at of the island of the Ohori Park on its lake.

There were many walkers, runners, and Radio Calisthenics exercisers.

The entrance of Fukuoka Castle and its moat.

Local fire department's vehicles were polished and ready to go when necessary.

Nakagawa River.

A memorial statue of Kawakami Otojiro - the first Japanese entertainer to tour western countries was born in Hakata.

Hakata Train Station - more construction was continuing.

It was a crisp morning and I enjoyed the nice run.


Very Wet Run in Osaka

It was raining hard when I ran in Osaka last Thursday.

A bridge over Dojima River.

A pedestrian walkway in front of  Bank of Japan Osaka Branch.

Namba Jinja Shrine on Midosuji Boulevard.

Famous Brand stores.

I really got soaked wet during the run.


Tanigawa Mari Half Marathon 2015

I participated in Tanigawa Mari Half Marathon last Sunday.  It was my first race of the year.

At the starting line.

At the finishing line.

A performance by JAL Jets after the run.

The course map - it is a bit upstream from my last run.


Hibiya Park Walk (again)

I had time to walk around Hibiya Park at lunch time on Wednesday.  This is one of the oldest public parks in Tokyo and is in the center of the city and I visited it just about 4 years ago.

North-eastern entrance gate (Iwaida Mon) - straight ahead is Mikasayama mound.

A view of from the top of Mikasayama of tall buildings in the direction of Tokyo Station.

Shinji Ike - literally means "Heart Character Pond"

A bust of Dr. Jose Rizal - Philippines Hero.

Scandinavian Epitaph

Pelican fountains

A man was buying his lunch at a food stand.

The brown building is Imperial Hotel..

Hibiya Public Hall is located at the western end of the park. 

Takarakuji (Japanese Public Lottery) selling van was parked in the park.

It was a relaxing and pleasant walk between my meetings.


First Photos of the New Year

It is already the 5th day of the new year.  I had over one week break from work until yesterday.

Our New Year's ornament on the front door.

An ornament and Kadomatsu decorated at the entrance of a sushi restaurant.

The local shrine decorated with the new year's banners.

 Omikuji tied at the shrine.

The pond of Shakujii Park was covered with ice. 

Ship model builders were tinkering with their toys.

Someone displayed foreign street signs on a wall.