Snow in Kanzawa

When I had a short visit to Kanazawa last week. I was greeted by a lot of snow.  It snowed all day and well into the night.  I was worried that I may not be able to come back to Tokyo the following morning.

This is at Komatsu Airport next morning.  The flight was only slightly delayed.  All Nippon Airways (or ANA) was very reliable.

Back in Tokyo's Haneda Airport. - less than 30 min. flight, from Komatsu weather was completely clear and fine.


Tokyo Gate Bridge Run

Tokyo Gate Bridge is the newest addition to the collection of great bridges in Tokyo Harbor.  The total length of it is 2,618 m with the distance between towers being 440 m is actually longer than that of the celebrated Tokyo's Rainbow Bridge and Yokohama Bay Bridge. It will be open to public next weekend.

To celebrate it, there was an 8K run on Saturday morning.

It was a beautiful day - Mt. Fuji was very clear seen.

Here's the bridge - magnificent!

At the start - some 5,000 runners participated!

About 1 km into the run - almost to the first of the two great trusses.

On the truss - it is beautiful.  Notice - almost no bolts!

After the turn around point heading back to the bridge.

Back on the bridge again.  Runners were very happy to be running on it on such a beautiful day.

Tokyo Fire Department ships saluted us as seagulls flew by.


Helicopter ride over Tokyo

I had a chance to take a helicopter ride over Tokyo.

Here are some helicopters at Tokyo Heliport.

Just after taking off from the heliport.

We first went to Akasaka-Roppongi area.  This is the center of Tokyo.  The red/white structure is Tokyo Tower.

Shibuya.  The tall building is Hikarie, the new high-rise due to open in April.

Shinjuku - this where we have the most concentration of skyscrapers in Tokyo.

Tokyo Dome - the home of Tokyo Yomiuri Giants Baseball Team.

Senso-ji Temple of Asakusa district.  Water is Sumida River.

Tokyo Skytree - now the tallest building in Japan.  It's grand opening is in May.

I had a very nice sightseeing flight over the city of Tokyo.