Fukuno and a bit of Oyabe Run

This morning, I enjoyed running west from my hotel in Fukuno and ran up in the hills in Oyabe.

A big sunflower in front of a local elementary school.

Oyabe River.

Nice rice fields.

A pond.

More rice fields.

A typical of a scene of the road in the hills.

Another nice pond with lotus plants.

This is a spring of nice cold mountain water.

And the water becomes a nice creek.

Looking back towards Yasui close from Oyabe River.

An old Kawasaki Bridge - built in 1956. 


A Cool Run in Otaru

Otaru is a nice little port town in Hokkaido.  It was a bustling port until the end of WWII,

Although I got rained on a bit, I enjoyed a very nice run there, yesterday morning.
Temperature was 19 degrees Celsius - much cooler than Tokyo.

A ferry just arrived with big containers of goods.

There are trades with Russians.

A pleasure harbor cruise boat.

Seagulls are many.

The harbor of Otaru seen from west end of it.

I climbed up a very steel hill.

Otaru Inari Shrine atop of the hill.

A track at Temiya Park.

Then ran down a steep hill towards the city.

 Otaru Museum includes old rail facilities.

Former Nippon Yusen Building - it is a registered important historical site.

The Marina seen from my hotel room.


Atami Run and Walk

On Wednesday, I ran in Atami, a famous Onsen resort town.

A panoramic view of the city from a hill of the north.

The marina.

Tsunami evacuation sign.

An old building.

A Shotengai leading to the station.

The run was quite hilly.

Izusan Jinja, most holy of the shrines of the area.


Jinzu River Run

On Monday morning (which was a holiday in Japan), I could run along Jinzu River in Toyama.

Hokuriku Shinkansen Bridge seen from the river bank on the east side.

I crossed over to the west side of the river on Shintsu Ohashi Bridge.

The trail by the river bank.

New Toyama Ohashi Bridge.

The old one was much narrower.

The riverbed.

Arisawabashi Bridge.


Jizo statues on the roadside.

Morning glory flowers.

Solar panels beyond soybean field.

Pretty flowers.

Fuchuohashi Bridge.

Golf practice area in the riverbed.

Pretty flowers on the riverbed.

Because of the airport, the expressway bridge is painted red/white on the east side.

Unused playground equipment.

The trail on the riverbed.

I ran under Arisawa Bridge.

Then went back to it and crossed it over to the east side.

 The riverbed on the east side of the river.

The water gate by Toyamaohashi Bridge.

A small bridge that mimics the shape of the old boats on Matsukawa River.

Close from my hotel was an Izakaya with old Japanese movie posters. 

And tin toys - nostalgic!