Angoji Park run

One of many trips took me back to Nanto, Toyama this week. Yesterday morning, I had a very nice run to Angoji, a local temple.

This is the main building of the temple.

Behind the temple is a nice trail.

Along the trail were little statues.

Here's a panoramic photo from one of the observatories of the park - saw a beautiful sunrise!


Kanazawa hill run

On Wednesday morning, I managed to run up Utatsuyama Park in Kanazawa.  It is the hilly area on the east side of the castle.

This was towards the start - many steps to one of many temples there.

The area was very hilly, green, and beautiful.  This is the flower and tree garden - it has over 8,000 bushes of 12 different types of azaleas. 

A typical of the trails of the park.

The view of Kanazawa from the observatory at the top.  I learned that through Edo Period, commoners were not allowed to climb to this area because from here one could look down upon the castle.

Back down to the city - running along Asano River.

This run was a different route from my usual in Kanazawa - and it was very enjoyable.  My reports on previous visits - May 2009, January 2010, and February 2012.


Marugame Port Run

I jogged around my hotel in Marugame last Friday - by the water.

Marugame Speed Boat Race track was right in front of our hotel.

Fishing boats

A boat leaving the dock area - probably to go fishing.

Morning glories.

Round leaf holly bush had beautiful little red berries.

A beautiful sunrise.


Dallas Runs

I had nice morning runs in Dallas, Texas earlier this week.

I ran on this nice trail - Katy Trail.

Runners were getting ready for a race at Reverchon Park on Sunday.

Statues of a cowboy herding cows at Pioneer Plaza.

Magnificent Reunion Tower.

A street car runs on McKinney Avenue.


Hakone Run

I had an over-night stay at Hakone this week. This area is famous for Onsen and a race called "Hakone Ekiden".

Again, I did not have time to go sightseeing, but yesterday morning, I could do a very hilly run in this beautiful area - including a part of the Ekiden race.

It is surrounded by mountains - this is a view from my hotel.

A beautiful stream was seen from a road.

Japanese bush clover flowers were beautiful.

A railroad crossing of Hakone Tozan Train.

A typical of a very hilly roads.  The maximum altitude change was some 180 m (590 ft) for this run.

As with anywhere in Japan was a shrine (Kumano Shrine).

A hiker walks down a hill from the shrine.

I truly enjoy hill runs, although it is very challenging.