Early Morning Runs

Most of my weekday runs have to be done in early hours these days. It is always dark and often very cold.

The train crossing right by Mitakadai Station.

Apple Store in Fukuoka.

Ohori Park pond in Fukuoka.

The trail around Ohori Park.

A river trail in Naha.

A big Shisa by Makishi Monorail Station, Naha.

Elevated Railway of JR Chuo Line by Musashi-Sakai Station.

A trail in Inokashira Park.

Moon over the construction site of the new baseball field in Inokashira Park.

It is tough to get out of the bed but one good thing is that I don't have to worry about automotive traffic.


Inokashira Pond Clean Up

The pond of Inokashira Park is being cleaned up right now.  The organizer has drained most of the water out of the pond.


People looking at the unusual situation at Nanai Bridge.

Swan boats were kept in the pond.

- whereas regular paddle boats were relocated.

There are many things that should not be in the pond.

Here's a shopping cart.

The organizers and volunteers took all the fish out of the pond to inspect them.

They found that over 90 % of them are foreign fish.

Population of local fish have been decreasing.

There are some turtles, too.

The pond will be dried for about one month before clean water and only local plants and fish will be put back in March.  Hopefully, this effort will be fruitful and the pond's environmental condition will be improved.


My First Runs of 2014

We have been lucky to have nice weather in Tokyo this month.  I have started with good runs so far.

On the second day of the year, I ran west to Tachikawa.  I made it a 20K and took train back home.

Tama Monorail - Minami Tachikawa Station.

A view looking south from the station.

The entrance of JR Tachikawa Station.

Inside of Tachikawa Station.

On the 4th, I ran southwest - to Eifukucho Station and then went up north a bit and back home - 16K total.

Koban - or Police Box by Eifukucho.

A lumber dealer painted the Zodiac Animals of the year.

Omiya Hachiman-gu Shrine.

Kampachi - one of the Ring Roads of Tokyo close from  Ogikubo Station.


New Year's Day - Kichijoji

Our family had a very nice stroll in Kichijoji on the New Year's Day.

Our New Year's ornament - this is The Year of the Horse.

Musashino Hachiman-gu Shrine - a very long line for Hatsumode.
Inokashira Park was very pleasant.
Most of the trees lost leaves.

Reflextion of trees on the pond.