A Run in Parque del Buen Retiro

I had a beautiful run in Parque del Buen Retiro of Madrid, Spain yesterday morning.  It is a large and beautiful park in the historical city.

The entrance of the park on the south side.

It was a great surprise to see Japanese cherry blossom!

A typical of the park roads.

The statue of General Martinez Campos.

One of the many fountains in the park.

The statue of Cajal.

A big pond in front of the statue of King Alfonso XII.

The close up of the statue.

Nice garden with the monument of Jacinto Benavente was under construction.

I saw many runners.

There was a football game going on.

Paseo Argentina.

Cybele Palace had a sign welcoming refugees.


A Run by the Sea in Naha

I enjoyed a nice run in Naha on Wednesday morning.  Weather was warm and very pleasant.

The Cruise Terminal.

A nice elevated expressway along the harbor seen from the cruise terminal.

 Unfortunately, it sacrifices the view of a nice beach

A beautiful sunrise came while I ran.

Naminoue Shrine by the beach.

Unfortunately, the expressway goes right in front of it.

The map of the beach.

There is a marina close by.

This is a cute cruise boat with a scary name.

A cargo ship arrives at the harbor.

Shisa monuments by a shopping building.

Kakazutakadai Park

On Tuesday, I visited to Kakazutakadai Park in Okinawa where Futenma Airbase can be observed.

This location was a fierce battle ground during the WWII against an attack by the US forces.

The view of the base over the city of Ginowan.

The observation tower.

A tunnel dug by the Japanese military in resistance against attacking US forces in 1945.

A warning sign for Habu - very dangerous poisonous snake.

Cherry blossoms, already!

 The park had an appropriate sign.


Cold Day in Inokashira Park + Kichijoji

Since we had snow in Tokyo this Monday, the real winter finally arrived here.  Most of the snow has melted, but the temperature has still been cold.

I took a walk in Inokashiara Park around noon time today.

Hyotan-Ike Pond - the eastern edge of the pond.

A mother riding with a baby on a bicycle.

Dog walkers.

A river is formed at the bottom of the pond.

Bikes were parked - against the rule - in the park.

Water from Benten Pond being poured into the main pond.

The river of the three pictures above starts here.

Benten Pond.

Nanaibashi Bridge - can see the pillars.

The swan and row boat dock is of course empty.

The dried pond seen from Nanaibashi Bridge.  No bicycles this time.

The island that usually has herons - not today.

Nanaibashi-Dori Street.

The stores right in front of the station.

As usual, Satou, a minced cutlet store had a long queue.


Inokashira Pond Drying (again)

When I took a walk in Inokashira Park, yesterday.  I noticed that the main pond was getting drained again (the last time was about 2 years ago).

Looking towards Nanaibashi Bridge.

A man in a middle of the pond inspecting something.

Seagulls were gathering.

A man checking the bucket.

At Hyotanbashi Bridge, the water was flowing the wrong way.

A big piping system to drain the pond at Hyotan-Ike by the main pond.

 A man was fixing something by the start of Kanda River.

There were far less than usual number of people at the park for it was cold.

"The Reader Guy" was there.

So was the keyboard guy.

Some children were playing at the slide.

The Art Market was on.