The Last Run of 2016

I had my last run of the year today.  This was a rocky year for my running for I had to take it easy from time to time in order not to agitate my torn muscle from last year.  For this reason, my race results were significantly slower than those of last year.  I am recovering - and hope I can be better next year.

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed running an LSD with my wife - to Koganei Park along Tamagawa Josui, then came back along Tama Lake Cycling Road.

Chuo Line train tracks seen from an overpass west of Mitaka Station.  Mt. Fuji with a white cap is seen to the left.

The large field of Koganei Park.

The entrance building of Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum.

The trail by the museum.

The trail at a different part of the park.

Tama Lake Cycling Road - but there were more runners than bikers.

A mound to make the route more even.

The typical view of the cycling road.

A park by Inokashira-dori street.

The entrance of my home - Kadomatsu are placed to welcome the New Year.


An Early Morning Run to Takase Shrine

This morning, in a chilly weather, I went for a nice run from my hotel in Fukuno to Takase Shrine.

I actually ran first to Takase Historical Ruins Park - a beautiful sunrise.

This is the markings of where pillars were of a large building.

The main entrance to Takase Shrine.

A banner to encourage Hatsumode.

Haiden of the shrine.

"Nade Usagi" or Petting Hare - you're supposed to rub the statue's body area you want to make better. 


A Rainy Run to Sanadamaru

This morning, in pouring rain and still dark before the sunrise, I ran from my hotel in Osaka to the historical site of Sanada-Maru - a small fortress built by Sanada Yukimura to protect Osaka Castle against Tokugawa Force at the time of 1614 Seige of Osaka.  Until recently, exact location of the fortress was not known for it was completely destroyed after the battle.

Sanko Shrine entrance.

The main building of the shrine.

The statue of Sanada Yukimura who led the defending Osaka side.

A memorial of Sanada-Maru that was recently built.

The site is now a school - students painted this big picture of Yukimura.

 Kotokuji Temple - that used to stand within the fortress.

Jizo figures at the temple.

This is Rokudai-In, a Shingon Sect Temple close from the school.

A playground near by.

Namba Shrine - close from my hotel in Shinsaibashi.

I am very glad that I could run to Sanada-Maru for this was the site of Taiga Drama this year with the same title.


Relaxing Walks in Inokashira Park

We had a beautiful weather this weekend here in Tokyo.  I enjoyed walking in Inokashira Park with my dog - yesterday and today.

Yellow leaves were very pretty.

Two children were getting their face drawn.

Most of the leaves have fallen.

The usual weekend fiddler.

 Children watching a "face play".

Kichijoji Station last night.

A big tree.

Pretty little berries.

Pretty red leaves of Japanese maple.

There were many boats in the pond.

A cormorant at Benzaiten Pond.

More pretty red berries.

The pond seen from the north end.

Little ornaments at Suehiro-dori street.


Adachi Friendly Marathon 2016

Yesterday, I participated in Adachi Friendly Marathon 2016.

This was actually a half-marathon and was the seventh of the race. Almost 8,000 runners were there.  Of them, about 6,000 ran the half-marathon that started at 11:00 am.  The temperature went up 19 degrees Celsius!  It was so warm - very unusual for December in Tokyo.

The street towards the starting area of the race from Kita-Senju Station

This was a picture drawn on a store.

Pigeons on electric lines.

 A baseball practice by a field by Arakawa River.

The race starting area seen from the bridge over the river.

The Middle School Race (2 km) finishers.

At the starting line right before the race.

Tokyo Skytree seen on the other side of the river.

A dance performance at the award ceremony.

The finish line at 3 hours after the start of the race - almost time to pack-up.