Morning Runs in Fukuno-Tonami

I had opportunities to enjoy nice morning runs in the City of Nanto, Toyama this week.  Areas I ran were mainly Fukuno and a bit of Tonami.  I did get rained on a bit this morning, but overall, I got very lucky with weather for this time of the year.

Tasty edamame field.

 Pretty roadside flowers.

Rice grown by the 5th graders of a local elementary school.

A corn field.

An elevated expressway.

Onions strung under a roof of a house.

Yummy rice fields.

An approach to a local shrine.

A beautiful sunflower.


Run Scenes from the Past Week

I have been staying close from home this month, so far.  I've had some good runs around our neighborhood.

A construction of a new residential buildings close from Rokakoen.

 Ghibli Museum is getting some facelift.

The entrance of Inokashira Park Zoo.

It has its famous elephant, Hanako on the park map, although she  died last month at age 69.

The spring of Inokashira Pond.

The tall smokestack of Takaido is getting fixed.

A trail in Suginami by Kanda River.

Keio Inokashira Line track by the station.

A new bridge construction by Kugayama.


A Nice Morning Run in Iida

I had a great run - early this morning in Iida, Nagano..  The air was cool and the weather was great!

This is the hotel I stayed - had a great view for it sat on a hill.  It used to have a samurai lord's fortress.

Beautiful yellow flowers.

JR Iida Line rail tracks.

Motozenkoji Temple - the original of the famous Zenkoji Temple that is said to be established in 602.

Asazumi Shrine - the main shrine of the village of Zakoji.

The building of the former Zakoji Elementary School.

Apple orchards.

Rice field.

A cycling team for today's race.

This is Ginza 4-Chome street - quite different from the one in Tokyo.

A statue of a traveling Buddhist monk - Kukai.

Otemachi Elementary School - established 1872.

Nagahime Shrine sits where used to be Iida Castle since 1900.

The garden of my hotel.