Nice Spring Run in Osaka

This morning, I had a nice run in Osaka City.

A poster of yet another "Idol Group".

Family statues in Utsubo Park.

Colorful pipes at Ogimachi Park.

A rock climbing walls - they were not being used.

Senior citizens exercising Tai Chi.

Younger people playing baseball.

A tori gate to Osaka Tenmangu Shrine - I did not have time to go there.

A spiral walkway of Tenjin Bridge.

Tenjin bridge seen from Nakanoshima Island.

A picture of Tenjin Festival.

Two tallest building on the island is Nakanoshima Festival Tower.


A Sunday Morning Run Shinjuku - Yoyogi Park

It was a beautiful day today.  I could enjoy a wonderful run from Shinjuku Station and through Yoyogi Park.

Shinjuku Station seen from the truss bridge that spans Koshu Kaido.

NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building seen from Shinjuku Station.

Meiji Shrine's North Entrance - I was notified by the guard that I could not run.

Harajuku Station - north side.

Harajuku Station - Meiji Jingu side.

Blind runners in Yoyogi Park.

When the park was the army's training ground, the Emperor's viewing was done by this beautiful pine tree.

A nice big grassy field.

New green leaves were beautiful.

The pedestrian bridge steps.

Earth Day event was going on.

There were lectures.

Volunteer booths.

Don't buy ivory Products.

Organic vegetables.

Help troubled people of Syria.

Basketball players in a court close by.


Changing - Part 2 - Zenpukuji Park

On Sunday, I ran to Zenpukuji Park - another lovely place with two ponds.

The Lower Pond - the smaller of the two - that's on the east side.


Can see cherry blossom flower petals have fallen considerably.

 There's a playground area in between the ponds.

The larger Upper Pond has boats - similar to Inokashira Pond.

Children playing soccer.

Another playground area at the far west end of the park.

The trail around the pond.

The Upper Pond.

 Leaves are coming out of a trunk of a cherry tree.

The map of the park.

Enkianthus perulatus flowers are lovely.


Changing of Spring Flowers

I had a wonderful run this morning - beautiful weather and a very warm day.

There were people scooping things out of Hyotan Ike Pond of Inokashira Park.  There were so many pink flower petals fallen from cherry trees.

The main pond had many people on boats enjoying the day.

Looking at the pond from the north end.

Japanese woodland poppies are now in full blossom.

Nishi-En, or the West Park of Inokashira Park.

Many children were at play at the playground.

 Mitaka Station.

A promenade towards Musashino Chuo Park.

A farmer at a small field.

Pretty pink flowers in front of an apartment - nice sunny day to dry clothes.

A resident there had a nice flower garden.

A beautiful cherry blossom on the promenade.

Cherry flower petals in a pond in Sekimae Park.

A little play ground.

Cultivated field mustard plants have pretty yellow flowers.

It is rare to see both pink and white flowers from a same tree.

Koinobori at Chuo Park.

Nice day to fly kites.

Tulips are now blossoming.

The ground of a local middle school.

A mother with a little girl looks at her boy playing soccer at an elementary school.