Helicopter Flight to Kamogawa

I took a helicopter ride from Tokyo Heliport to Kamogawa.

Driving would have taken us more than 2 hours each way, but a helicopter flight took only 25 min.


On Chiba side of Tokyo Bay is a big industrial area with an oil refinery and a steel mill.

Here's a new expressway under construction - 

Rice fields.

One of many golf courses.

A beautiful beach of Kamogawa.

Our helicopter landing at the helipad of the hospital.

Our helicopter's shadow as we left the helipad after the visit.


Laguna Coast Wilderness Park and Beach

I had a nice guided stroll in Laguna Coast Wilderness Park this morning.  We had very nice local naturalist that took us around and taught us about the climate and vegetation of the area.  The temperature was already pretty high in the morning there, but we had a very nice and relaxed walk in the park.  There were plenty of California sage and other local plants surviving heat and very little rain fall during the summer.

There were many cacti.

These are black sage.

Buckwheat bushes were also abundant.

Barbara's Lake - the only natural lake in Orange County.  We saw egrets, ducks, and frogs and little fish.

We then went to Laguna Beach - there were many people enjoying the sunny afternoon.

The boardwalk.

At the northern edge, it is rockier and less people.  Surfers were enjoying nice waves.


Kichijoji - changes

Kichijoji is changing again - for better or worse.  These are photos from this morning.

Iseya a famous yakitori restaurant was demolished to be rebuilt.

The steps from the park towards the station.  The white wall on the left side of the steps is the same one that is seen in the photo above.

The area right by Ghibli Museum of Nishi-En (West Park) is being converted to be a part of Tokyo Greenery Fair.

A new playground was added in the park.

The part that used to be owned by Nissan will be integrated into Inokashira Park by this fall.

The map of Inokashira Park.  Two pictures immediately above are close from "You are Here" point.


Sandton Jogs

I returned to South Africa last week.  This time, I stayed in Sandton.  It is a financial and business district of Greater Johannesburg area.

China Construction Bank and China Steel buildings right by a famous hamburger restaurant.

Mushroom Farm Park (Hyundai Sky Park)

The band at Moyo Restaurant in Melrose.

The city is over 1,600 meters (one mile) elevation and also very hilly.  I had to catch my breath a lot when I ran.


Southern Osaka Walk/Run

Yesterday morning, from my hotel located at Shinsaibashi of Osaka, I took a walk/jog down south.

Here's Ukihashi (Floating Garden) Pedestrian Bridge over Dotonbori

Tsutenkaku - a famous tower in in Shinsekai.  The history of the tower goes back 100 years, but the current tower was completed in 1956.

The base of the tower - it is made of concrete. 

One of many Billiken statues close from Tsutenkaku.  I learned that this strange figure's origin is American.

A new skyscraper - Abeno Harukas under construction was seen from Tennoji Zoo.  It will be the tallest commercial building in Japan.