The Rain

How do you take photos of the rain?

That was a question I never thought of until I tried it on Friday.
I thought it may be a good idea to make it my theme for my blog this time. But when I took my little digital camera outside in the rain, I noticed that it wasn't actually so easy.

When I tried to take photos outside, the rainfall was very difficult to capture.
Only if the downfall was very hard, then sometimes it showed as we normally see (stream of lines - I guess that we "see" rain drops to be), but when I used the flash, it was then seen that each droplet was actually of semi-round shape.

So I tried to photograph it on different ways - (1) ripples are obvious, (2) try to take photos of wet things, (3) people with umbrellas - but these are just "effects" caused by the rain.

Here, I show you some of the photos of my theme this time - "the rain."

Here's a photo of my reflection on a car window.

Ripples on a puddle.

A person with an umbrella walking in a park.

Hard rain could actually be seen on this old steam locomotive.

Wet hydrangea leaves - flowers are yet to come.

Later on in the evening, a photo taken with a flash. We can see white semi-round rain droplets.