Côte d'Azur

I spent a good part of past week in Côte d'Azur.

I was in Nice most of the time and for one afternoon, I could go to Monaco. The weather was not as warm as I expected, but could enjoy the beautiful cities in Sunshine - mainly.

Above photo - the view from my hotel window (Nice).

A cool and relaxing run on Promenade des Anglais, a road right by the beaches was a pleasure. I could observe a beautiful sunrise (see photo below).
Right by my hotel was a runners' store. It was a delight to find the same pair of shoes as I use (Mizuno WaveRider 11) - the store owner told me that it was new in France - I've been wearing it since May (I just purchased my second pair right before I left Japan). I also learned the price was twice I paid in Tokyo!

I had half a day in Monaco - getting there from Nice, we took a bus. The fare was one Euro - thought it was a deal of the century, but it turned out to be very adventurous! All the seats were taken, so we had to stand in the crowded bus. And although the drive on the winding roads along the shorelines was beautiful, the young driver was rough in maneuvering the vehicle, so we really had to hold on to whatever that was stationary not to fall down. That was a tough 50 min. ride. We took 3.30 Euro train back to Nice later that day! Over three times the price, but the ride was only 20 min. and much more comfortable.

Above photo - the port of Monaco seen from Prince's Palace . And below is the Palace. And of course, the pictures of Princess Grace were found all over the place in this city.