The Last Trip for 2008

I had my last trip of the year on 29 -30 December to Toyama.
The year really flew by and I think I had more trips this year than ever before.

Usually, the weather in Toyama this time of the year is wet and cold, but luckily during my stay, it remained nice.

Here is Toyama Castle - the tall building was actually built in 1954.

Because of the good weather, mountains were very visible. At this time of thie photograph, not much snow has come. The mountains are spectacular, and many climbers go up there every year. Unfortunately, the evening news of the 29th reported some climbers were missing.
Here's a bit more info. on the mountains.

On the return trip on the airplane, the view of Mt. Fuji was beautiful.

Izu Islands were very visible on the Pacific Ocean - the closest long island is Niijima and the large island on the other side is Kozu.

The new "Fourth Runway" is being built at Haneda Airport or Tokyo International Airport.