Kobe - Port and Mountain Runs

I revisited the beautiful city of Kobe last week. This time, I spent two nights, so I could enjoy two relaxing runs.

First morning, I enjoyed running on the waterfront. The part that has a marine museum, hotels, shopping center, and the Port tower is called Meriken Park.

Here is a picture of a reminder of earthquake of 1995.

The next morning, I ran towards the mountains. From the port, within about 3 km to the north starts a hilly area, very steep climb. In the woods, it was not really a run, but climb and walk for me.

The area was like a jungle - I even saw a wild boar dashing down the hill!

I found this nice little azalea along the trail.

Here’s a view from the woods – below the ropeway. You can see how close this mountain is from the city.

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