Osaka Morning Run

This morning, I ran in Osaka - and that was really the first time for me this month to do a reasonable run.

Kocera Dome, the home stadium of ORIX Buffaloes, the baseball team for which Ichiro Suzuki belonged before he moved to Seattle Mariners. They won the game last night with the score of 1-0 against Seibu Lions, but they at currently at the bottom of the 6-team Pacific League with 45 wins/65 losses + 1 tied game.

A close-up of the Dome - it has a very interesting shape.

Ohnami Bridge, an arch bridge that was built in 1937 and spans over Kitsu River. It sure has many rivets.

Political posters of the Democratic Party of Japan that held 112 seats out of 480 seats of the House of Representatives before the it was dissolved in July 21 by the Prime Minister. Photographed with big face is Yukio Hatoyama, the leader of DPJ and the one with the glasses is the local candidate.

Here are posters of the Liberal Democratic Party that dominated the political leadership since 1955. Pictured is Taro Aso, the leader of LDP and the Prime Minister of Japan. LDP had 303 seats, thus held the majority.

Tomorrow is the big election day.

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