The Morning After a Storm

Tyhoon Melor (No. 18 in Japanese designation) ripped through central Japan on 7 and 8 of October. It was expected to hit Tokyo directly on the 8th, so I had to put things in the yard away during the day before to get ready.

The typhoon was the first one to make a direct hit on Japan since 2007. I learned from in the news that at least two people were killed and tens of people were injured.

It rained all day on the 7th in Tokyo - this was definitely an influence by the storm far away. In the morning of the 8th, we had a lot of rain and wind. Some public transportation systems were stopped and many schools were closed --- but to our surprise, by lunch time, we had above our heads blue sky, although it was windy almost all afternoon.

Here are the photos in the nearby park in the morning of 9 Oct.

Many leaves fell on in the playground.

Fallen acorns on my usual running trail.

A tree fell in Inokashira Park.

Beautiful sunrise over Inokoshira Pond.

Business as usual at JR Mitakadai Station.


dbp said...

It is good that the storm was fairly uneventful for you. I had read that some two million commuters had been stranded in Tokyo due to power outages.

By coincidence, I am working from home today because the office is out of power due to a blown transformer.

datadawak said...

Thank you for your comment. Yes, we were very lucky for our part of the country had it fairly easy. I understand that not just other parts of Japan, but the Philippines were hit very hard.