Kanda River (the start of)

Kanda River or Kandagawa is very familiar with people that live in Tokyo. There was a famous song that bears the name of this river by a folk song group - Kaguyahime in the 1970s.

The river starts from Inokashira Pond and it used to be an important source of drinking water for the residents of Edo, an old name for Tokyo.

It starts here, on the western side of Tokyo and goes through the residential areas and through the city and finally ends up at Sumida River on the eastern side.

There were ducks that were playing together in the river. This picture is taken from the first bridge away from the start of the river.

It was very cold in Tokyo on Saturday. We had rain and snow most all day with very low temperature for the region. In the morning, I walked through Inokashira Park on the way back from my dentist appointment. Usually, there are many people, but I saw almost nobody.

This was the only boat on the Inokashira Pond that moment. There was a man with an umbrella sitting on a bench, reading a book.

I did find a runner - maybe he was getting ready for the Tokyo Marathon later on this month. The same lonely boat is seen on the pond beyond the bridge.

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