Shanghai visit

This week, I visited Shanghai, China. Shanghai is situated at the 31 degrees north, so it is as south as Morocco, Egypt, Mexico, and India,. You'd think it is a warm place. But the days I was there, it was freezing and even snowed a bit - in March!

Of course, Chinese food is always great. But this time, I was very surprised that a
sashimi dish was served that for the Chinese did not used to eat raw fish.

When they serve tea, leaves are in the hot water. To drink it, you're supposed to wait until leaves fall to the bottom. Otherwise, you'll have a mouthful of leaves.

The setting sun in the foggy city seen from my hotel room.

Acrobatic artist at the famous Shanghai Circus. They were fabulous.

One of many shopping areas of Shanghai. This one is in Daning - one of the newer developments.

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