Shiko Munakata Exhibition

At Kichijoji Art Museum, artworks of Shiko Munakata are exhibited.

The poster.

Many of the themes of Munakata's art come from the nature and Buddhism.

Songoku (or Sun Wukong in Chinese pronounciation)

This one is a very famous piece of his - the beauty of a flower depicted as a lady.

The prints and paintings that were exhibited come from Fukumitsu Art Museum. Munakata lived in the town of Fukumitsu (now a part of the city of Nanto) between 1945 to 1954 to escape the WWII bombing of Tokyo.

Fukumitsu is the town Munakata lived to escape the WWII bombing of Tokyo. It was his home from 1945 to 1954. It is a part of the City of Nanto since 2003.

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