Shanghai World Expo

I had a chance to visit Shanghai Expo this week. It just opened 0n May 1st, so it was very crowded. China, in a short time period has become a very modern country, at least in Shanghai.

India and Saudi Arabia Pavilions.

The view from India Pavilion. The long line is to get into India Pavilion. the upside-down pyramid building is China Pavilion. It is gigantic.

A Velociraptor fossil at Mongolia Pavilion.

A poster at Bangladesh Pavilion.

A beautiful harp displayed at Myanmar Pavilion.

The most expensive Persian rug displayed at Iran Pavilion. It is also the smallest - only 22 cm x 17 cm, made of silk. It's price - 3.8 million RMB (over 555K USD)!

UAE Pavilion

Japan Pavilion was very popular - average of 4-hours wait to go inside!

It was too bad that I only had time to visit some of the Asian Pavilions.

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