Changing Kichijoji

A lot is happening in Kichijoji.

Osaka-based Kintetsu Department Store that opened in 1974 closed in 2001 and for a while became Otsuka Furniture and Mitsukoshi. But it is Yodobashi Camera since 2007.
This year in March, Isetan and LonLon closed - they will re-open this fall as H&M and Atre Kichijoji.

The entrance of former LonLon Shopping Center by the central exit of Kichijoji Station.

Atre is partially open, but the grand renewal open is scheduled on 21 Sept. 2010.
Yuzawaya is also closed - and relocated in Marui for the renovation of the station building.
One of the entrance to the construction site for Atre Kichijoji. This one is below Inokashira Line overpass.
For Sun Road Shopping Area, it is business as usual.

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